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Petey is a pirate and seashell collector treasure hunter.

He is not available from the very start of a new game, but shows up on the shore of Florens after 9 in-game days.


The player first meets Petey on the western shore of the Town of Florens, just north of Captain Conrad. Once the Pirate House upgrade is purchased, he moves onto the dock in front of the house.

Speaking to Petey begins a questline that unlocks the blueprint for the Shovel, introduces the Cartography Table and Treasure Hunting, and adds a new shop.

Petey tries to act like a treasure-loving pirate, but secretly prefers hunting for seashells.

Personal Shop[]

Petey sells pirate-themed items in exchange for Golden Coins, sometimes also referred to as "Doubloons". Items for sale are displayed above a trading barrel next to Petey on the beach. Only one random item is available to purchase per day.

Items and prices are the same as at the Pirate House, but the selection is more limited:

Image Item Buy Price
Pirate Desk.png Pirate Desk Golden Coin.png 10
Pirate Chair.png Pirate Chair Golden Coin.png 10
Resource Bag.png Resource Bag Golden Coin.png 1
Geode Resource Bag.png Geode Resource Bag Golden Coin.png 1
Crystal Resource Bag.png Crystal Resource Bag Golden Coin.png 3
Seed Mystery Bag.png Seed Mystery Bag Golden Coin.png 2
Furniture Mystery Bag.png Furniture Mystery Bag Golden Coin.png 6
Clothing Mystery Bag.png Clothing Mystery Bag Golden Coin.png 2
Animal Mystery Bag.png Animal Mystery Bag Golden Coin.png 10

Once the Pirate House is built, the barrel is moved to the dock and two more are added for a total of 3 random items per day. The stock of items is also expanded.



  • In 1.4.5, PumpCoins could be traded directly to Petey in exchange for Golden Coins. This was later changed to a specific trade station.
  • During the Fall Festival when NPCs hand out Candy, Petey also gives the player 1x Golden Coin in addition to the Candy.

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