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The Pirate House is the home of Petey the Pirate. It is located on the west shore of the Town of Florens region, north of Captain Conrad and south of the Fish Shop.


After completing Petey's introductory quests, he asks the player to speak to Frank about building a house. This unlocks the Pirate House upgrade in the Upgrade Table, which can be purchased for Coin Icon.png 7,500 coins.

The Pirate House will be completed the day after the upgrade is purchased.

Pirate Shop[]

Two stacks of crates and one barrel in front of the Pirate House serve as item trade stations. The player can purchase pirate-themed clothing, decor, and resources in exchange for Golden Coins.

Pirate House Complete.jpg
Pirate House with PumpCoin exchange and 3 trade stations

Items are displayed with their prices when approached. Only 3 are available at a time, chosen randomly each day from the following list:

Image Item Buy Price
Pirate Eyepatch.png Pirate Eyepatch Golden Coin.png 10
Pirate Hat.png Pirate Hat Golden Coin.png 20
Pirate Coat.png Pirate Coat Golden Coin.png 15
Pirate Desk.png Pirate Desk Golden Coin.png 10
Pirate Chair.png Pirate Chair Golden Coin.png 10
Pirate Flag.png Pirate Flag Golden Coin.png 10
Map Easel.png Map Easel Golden Coin.png 10
Custom Painting Easel.png Custom Painting Easel Golden Coin.png 10
Anchor Wall Decor.png Anchor Wall Decor Golden Coin.png 6
Wheel Wall Decor.png Wheel Wall Decor Golden Coin.png 6
Swords Wall Decor.png Swords Wall Decor Golden Coin.png 6
Target Wall Decor.png Target Wall Decor Golden Coin.png 6
Resource Bag.png Resource Bag Golden Coin.png 1
Geode Resource Bag.png Geode Resource Bag Golden Coin.png 1
Crystal Resource Bag.png Crystal Resource Bag
Grants 1x Fallen Star, 1x Crystal Geode,
and 2x random shard
Golden Coin.png 3
Seed Mystery Bag.png Seed Mystery Bag
Grants 3x random seed and 1x bundle
Golden Coin.png 2
Furniture Mystery Bag.png Furniture Mystery Bag
Grants 2 random furniture items
Golden Coin.png 6
Clothing Mystery Bag.png Clothing Mystery Bag Golden Coin.png 2
Animal Mystery Bag.png Animal Mystery Bag
Grants a random animal
Golden Coin.png 10
Dungeon Bag.png Dungeon Bag Golden Coin.png Missing.png
Raft.png Raft Golden Coin.png 50
Boat.png Boat Golden Coin.png 10
Pirate Storage.png Pirate Storage Golden Coin.png 25

Resource/mystery bags are Loot Crate-type items, most of which grant 1 random item from the bag's theme when purchased. Resource Bag and Crystal Resource Bag grant 3 different items each, Seed Mystery Bag grants 2.

There is another wooden crate at the entrance to the Pirate House with a pumpkin on top. The player can trade PumpCoins here, with 5x PumpCoin granting 1x Golden Coin.

PumpCoin Trade Station.png