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Plant Fiber is a crafting item harvested from Ferns.

It requires no energy to collect.


Plant Fiber is used to craft the following items:

Plant Fiber Delivery[]

After helping set up Sierra's Shop, they will ask the player to invest in the business. In return the player will receive a daily delivery of 50x Plant Fiber to the Shed next to Sierra.

The delivery can be upgraded to a maximum of 200x Plant Fiber per day.

Note: The Plant Fiber will be delivered to the Shed next to Sierra, not to the player's home.


Ferns are located throughout Florens and marked on the Detailed Map but two interesting farming locations are:


Plant Fiber is used in the following quests:


  • Plant Fiber Seeds cannot be bundled at the Seed Bundle Station.
  • There is currently a known bug where it is not possible to drop Plant Fiber Seeds from the inventory to the ground. If your inventory is full, you can 'swap' a stack of Plant Fiber Seeds with an item inside a loot chest, which will then leave the stack on the ground.

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