Planting seeds and growing crops and flowers might seem daunting to new players, but it's simpler than you think.

How To Plant SeedsEdit

Before you start, you're going to need tools:

The only items you need to start with are a Hoe, a Watering Can, and a Plant Seed, though there are other options as you get familiar with the process.
  1. Pick a spot and use the Hoe on the ground to dig up a patch of soil.
  2. Use a Seed on the soil to plant it.
  3. Use the Watering Can to water the soil.
  4. Continue watering the soil once per day (you can skip rainy days) until the plant is grown.
  5. Harvest your plant!


Planting seeds requires energy:

  • Tilling soil (1Energy Infoicon)
  • Watering soil (1Energy Infoicon)
  • Planting seed (1Energy Infoicon)
  • Harvesting player-grown plants does not cost energy.

Energy is limited in the early stages of the game, so plan accordingly.

The Dirt on SoilEdit

A patch of soil dug up by a Hoe disappears after 2-3 in-game days of not being watered. However:

  • Watering the soil (including rainy days) "resets" this daily counter.
  • Soil does not disappear if it contains a planted seed.
  • Soil may disappear if it contains a mature plant ready to harvest, but the plant (and the ability to harvest it) will not be affected.


If fussing with keeping soil from disappearing is not your cup of tea, you can get around that by crafting planters:

A planter is a furniture item that comes with pre-tilled soil. Aside from saving you that one point of energy needed when using a Hoe, the soil in a planter never disappears.

To use a planter, simply place it on the ground. Then plant a seed and water it the same way you would with hoe-dug soil.

  • Note: If you don't like the look of your planters sticking up out of the ground so high, you can use an Item Shifter to sink them into the ground so only a bit of the soil remains showing. They will still function the same way.


But what if you're the kind of farmer who forgets to water your plants all the time?

The answer to that is Sprinklers.


Using Grid PlacementEdit

Getting Back SeedsEdit


Seed BundlesEdit

    • A plant planted in a soil patch fertilized with Basic Fertilizer has a chance to give one seed when it is harvested.
    • A plant planted in a soil patch using a Seed Bundle guarantees at least one seed when it is harvested. Fertilizer is not needed.
    • A plant can be put into the Seedmaker to produce 1-2 seeds. The plant is destroyed in the process.

Basic_Fertilizer.png|Basic Fertilizer|link=Basic Fertilizer Missing Seed Bundle.png|Seed Bundles|link=Plants Seed Bundle Station.png|Seed Bundle Station|link=Seed Bundle Station


  • All plants can be grown by the player in any season, regardless of the season the plant normally grows in.
  • Plants take one day longer to fully grow if it is Winter.

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