A variety of plants can be found scattered around the island of Florens. Plants can be unique to certain areas of the island, and can be hard to find if the player is not looking at the right spot. New plants can be discovered in the wild as the player progresses through the game, while exploring the different seasons. These plants can be used as simple decorations around the player's home, a reliable income source, or in crafting recipes.


Plants can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Gathering them in the wild.
  • Planting seeds by digging up soil using a Hoe, watering them with a Watering Can, and then harvesting the plants when they are grown.
    • Seeds can be sometimes obtained by gathering plants in the wild.
    • Spring & Summer seeds can be bought from Sammy.
    • Eventually, Fall & Winter seeds can be bought from Penny.
    • A planter, such as the Wooden Planter, can be used instead of a soil patch tilled by a hoe.
    • A plant planted in a soil patch fertilized with Basic Fertilizer has a chance to give one seed when it is harvested.
  • Opening chests and obtaining plants as loot.
  • Buying plants from Elizabeth, who runs the Flower Shop.
    • Some plants can also be purchased from specialized shops like Abby's, Thorne's, or Miller's


Planting seeds and growing them requires energy:

  • Digging up soil (1Energy Infoicon)
  • Watering soil  (1Energy Infoicon)
  • Planting seed (1Energy Infoicon)

Harvesting fully-grown plants grown by the player does not cost energy.

Picking up plants found in the wild requires 1Energy Infoicon.


Players should remember that:

  • Leaving dug up soil unwatered will make it disappear the next day.
  • All plants can be grown by the player in any season, regardless of the season the plant normally grows in.
  • Plants take one day longer to fully grow if it is Winter.

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Plant speciesEdit

All plants found below can be grown by the player in any season, but can only be found growing in the wild in its season.

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