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In Garden Paws, Flowers are included under any reference to "Plants".

A variety of plants can be found scattered around the Island of Florens


Plants can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Gathering them in the wild.
  • Opening chests and obtaining plants as loot.
  • Buying them directly from Elizabeth, who runs the Flower Shop. Some can also be purchased from specialized shops like Thorne's or Miller's.
  • Planting seeds and harvesting the plants when they are grown.
    • Seeds can be sometimes obtained as an extra drop from gathered plants in the wild.
    • Vegetable seeds can be bought from Abby.
    • Spring & Summer seeds can be bought from Sammy
    • Fall & Winter seeds can be bought from Penny, once she moves to the town.
    • Kozita seeds can be bought from Herb once the player makes it to the island.


  • Picking up plants found in the wild requires 1Energy Infoicon.png.
  • Harvesting fully-grown plants grown by the player does not cost energy.

All plants can be grown by the player at any time of the year, but can only be found in the wild during specific seasons or in certain regions.


Harvested plants can be:

  • Sold as reliable income source. There is a basic profit table being worked on, which you can view here.
  • Used as ingredients in cooking and certain crafting recipes.
  • Plants can be also grown as decoration around the player's home. The No Pick Zone sign is made for this purpose, and protects against accidental harvesting.

For more information on growing plants, see Planting.

Important Note For New Players[]

When the player starts a new world, only a couple of plants will be available to find right away - primarily Daisies and Yellow Dandelions. Other plants and flowers only begin to spawn as the player progresses through the game and purchases upgrades through the Upgrade Table.

So if a particular flower or crop is nowhere to be found despite being the right place and right season, you may need to expand the town or shop more.

Further along into the game as new flowers spawn, some are only found during certain seasons, some are only on certain areas of the Main Island, and some only on the outer Decorative Islands. Plants found only on Kozita will not naturally spawn on the Main Island.

Plant List[]

All Seasons[]

Spring & Summer[]



Rare Plants (All Seasons)[]

Some rarer flower colors are available all year long once they are unlocked, but they only spawn on Decorative Islands.


Fruit Trees[]

Blueberry Bushes and Fruit Trees grow in the wild as well. Blueberry Bushes can be harvested all year, but Fruit Trees change depending on the time of year, with one type of fruit per season. They are slow to grow, but once matured they will continue to produce fruit every few days until they are chopped down. Player-planted fruit trees can be harvested in any season.


The island of Kozita was introduced in update 1.4.1, along with several new plants and flowers. They can only be found in the wild or purchased on Kozita, but can be grown from seeds on the Main Island.

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