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Building in Garden Paws is a creative endeavor. Maybe at some point in the game you decided to experiment with building your own house. Maybe you dove right into Creative Mode with some friends.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to put on your Construction Vest, the game's got you covered with plenty of customization options.


In order to fully take advantage of building, you will need a Hammer and an Item Shifter. You can place items without those tools, but you will not be able to move or pick up items without them. Experienced builders always have them on hand.

Certain building pieces will not be available to craft in Story Mode until purchasing the blueprints from the Furniture Blueprint Seller.

Construction Pieces[]

The following are items that can be used for structural building or basic landscaping. For specific furniture pieces, props, and decorations to place in your home, see Furniture Items and Storage.

Floors & Pathways[]

Walls & Doorways[]

Fences & Dividers[]



The following items create their own source of light. Most can be toggled on or off by activating them:



There are two types of customization Paintbrushes:

Rainbow Paintbrush.png

  • Wall and Floor Brushes, which provide a ton of color and pattern options with each brush
  • Furniture Brushes, which paint solid colors. Vibrant shades for Light Wood furniture, and pastels for Birch Wood.
  • Note: Glass walls and floors are an exception, and can only be painted solid colors with Furniture Brushes.

Creative Challenges[]

Every week or two, the developers hold a Creative Challenge of some kind on Discord. Sometimes it's simple, like using the Birch Wood furniture set. Sometimes it's complicated, like building mazes or 2D levels.

If challenges are not your thing, then build at your own pace. You can share screenshots with the rest of the Discord community in a separate screenshot channel. Or join and just lurk for ideas!