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The Player Home is a house provided for the player on starting a new world.

It is primarily a dedicated space to build creatively and store items. It is not actually required for the player to respawn.


The inside of the Player Home is empty at first, except for a worn out bed which can be interacted with to end the day early and save the game.

The inside of the house can be decorated with furniture, paintings, workstations, and the walls and floor can be painted with different colors and designs.

Interior Upgrades[]

The inside of the house can be upgraded several times with new rooms.

Home Upgrade.png

The interior footprint of a fully-upgraded house:
House Blueprint Full.png

Upgrading the Player Home only affects the inside of the building. The footprint of the exterior remains the same.


The outside of the player's home is mostly decorative, with the exception of the following:

  • The Mailbox, used to receive Mail from NPCs
  • A Hammock, which can be slept in to regain energy at the cost of losing in-game hours
  • A Trash Bin sits at the back of the house. Items placed inside will be deleted from the world.
  • The player's shop and open/closed sign

Home Chest[]

A default storage chest comes with the house. It can be found against the northeast wall, around the corner from the front door. It functions as a Large Chest with 20 slots, but cannot be picked up or moved.

Once the player can craft and use Owl Baskets, items sent home via owl will appear in the Home Chest. If it is full, items must be taken out of the chest before any more basket items can complete delivery.

At some point the player can purchase an upgrade to add a second Home Chest. It appears next to the first, and also cannot be picked up or moved.


  1. The Living Room Upgrade does not actually add a separate room, but expands the main one.