The Player Home is a house provided for the player on starting a new world.


The inside of the Player Home is empty at first, except for a worn out bed which can be used to sleep in to end the day early and save the game.

Every day begins with the player's character appearing over a bed. If the bed is moved, they will appear over where the bed used to be[1]. This will continue until the player sleeps manually in the bed at the new location.

The inside of the house can be decorated with furniture, paintings, workstations, and even the walls and floor can be painted.

Interior UpgradesEdit

The inside of the house can be upgraded several times with new rooms[2].

Home Upgrade


The outside of the player's home is mostly decorative, with the exception of the following:

  • The Mailbox
  • A Hammock, which can be slept in to regain energy at the cost of losing in-game hours
  • A Large Chest[3], which cannot be moved.
  • There is a Trash Bin at the back of the house. Items placed inside will be deleted from the world.
  • The player's shop and shop sign

Exterior UpgradesEdit

  • The player can purchase an upgrade later on to add a second chest near the first.


  1. The new day spawn point is tied to the bed, not the house, so the player can place a bed anywhere in the world and sleep in it to set their spawn to that location.
  2. Despite certain upgrades having 'room' in their names, only the Bedroom and Kitchen upgrades actually add separate rooms.
  3. Autodeposit does not work on home chests.
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