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The Player Home Region is where the Player Home is located. It is the first place the player explores once a new game is started.

Player Home Region

Player Home location, center of Main Island.

Player Home Region

Small pond located behind Player Home.

Player Home Region

Located near center of Main Island.

Player Home Region

Small pond located in front of Player Home.


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The Player Home Region is the central region of the map, and one of the 3 large land masses that make up the Main Island.

The only NPC that can be found in the region is Hash, inside the Dungeon Cave entrance at the northern tip of the region.


Initially the Player Home and Shop are the only structures in the region. As the game progresses, the following buildings can also be constructed nearby:


The following can be found scattered across the region:

Depending on how far the player has progressed, a variety of plants can be found as well.


2 Cats (1 white and 1 black) can be found on the hill overlooking Honey Island.

Loot Chest Locations[]

4 Loot Chests can be found in the region:

  1. At the top of the hill near the black cat
  2. Across the large pond next to the cliff below the cats, hidden in some ferns
  3. Near the pond by the bridge leading to Mr. Mooney's farm
  4. On a hill overlooking the path to the Ruins Area

For more specific locations, see the Detailed Map.