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Poop is a widely available crafting material. It can also be worn on the player's head as a hat.


All animals in habitats have a chance to drop 1x Poop every day, including habitats belonging to NPCs.

Wild animals do not drop poop, with the exception of Ducks and Mallard Ducks in the Duck Pond Region, and Chicks and Chickens at the top of the waterfall.

When using the "Fart" emote (press > on a keyboard), there is a small chance for the player to drop 1x Poop.


Poop is primarily used to create Basic Fertilizer which can be crafted via the Quick Crafting Menu or in the Compost Bin. Using Basic Fertilizer on tilled soil grants a 25% chance of getting 1 seed back after harvesting.


Poop is used to craft the following items:


Poop is used in the following quests:


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