The Quick Crafting Menu (QCM) or T-crafting menu is a menu that displays crafting recipes to the player without needing a Workstation. It is always available to the player where ever they are, and contains items that the player would likely be in need of. More crafting recipes can be added to this menu when the player completes certain quests and obtains blueprints.


The QCM is available to the player at the start of game, and can be accessed by the player:

  • By clicking "T" on the keyboard, if the player is playing on the computer.
  • Alternatively, the player can open their inventory and click theWiki Hammer Icon icon that appears as a tab in their inventory window.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Wooden Pole Wooden Board Wooden Block Large Wooden Board Stone Block Paper Workbench Cooking Station Flower Workbench Pickaxe SilverPickaxe GoldPickaxe Axe SilverAxe GoldAxe Hammer Fishing Pole Sickle Hoe Watering Can Torch Bird Feed Fishing Bait Shellfish Bait Fishing Trap Shellfish Trap Basic Fertilizer Small Chest Lemonade Rope Cloth Firework Wooden Bucket Pumpkin Planter Angel Wings Dark Wings BlackGoldWings Basic Glider


  • If a specific crafting recipe is listed to be under the QCM, but is not in the player's own QCM, this means the player has not yet unlocked this recipe.