Animals in Garden Paws can be raised or tamed by the player.

A tame animal can be used as a cosmetic "follower" for the player, and many can be used as mounts. All animal types currently in the game can either be tamed or raised.

Animals drop ingredients or resources while in their Habitats, ranging from common feathers, fur and Chicken Eggs to rare Golden Poop or Crystal Geodes.


Not all animals are immediately available to find, purchase, or tame at the start of the game:
  • Many animals are accessible, but cannot be tamed until the player has unlocked and built the required habitat.
  • Access to some animals (Alpacas and Pigs for instance) requires certain NPCs to move to the town (such as Poppy and their Animal Shop).
  • Some animals, such as Ducks or the Dog, are not accessible until completion of certain quest lines that unlock new areas of the Main Island.
  • Some animals, like Hippos and Ferrets, are found on islands that the player will not initially be able to reach without a Glider or another way to get across the water.
  • Each animal only eats a specific food, but the player might not initially have access to the feed item or a tool needed to acquire it. The player can purchase animal feed from certain NPCs once they are unlocked.

How ToEdit


Once an animal is located, the player can begin taming an animal in the wild by feeding it the required food for a certain number of consecutive days:

Animal Food Required Days to
Cat Fish 5
Dog Pet it! 5
Bunny Carrot 7
Ferret Wool 7
Baby Goat, Goat,
Hay 10
Fox, Small
Black Penguin
Small Fish 10
Deer Tall Grass 10
Dung Beetle Beetle Feed 10
Skunk Chicken Egg 10
Calf, Foal,
Baby Alpaca
Hay 14
Penguin Small Fish 14
Bear Honey 15
Hippo Hay 15
Horse Hay 30
Legendary Mounts Legendary Feed 1 (Instant)

For more information about each animal and where it can be found, see Animals.

Progress can be seen in the blue bar that appears over the animal when it is approached. The bar will appear empty if the animal has not been fed.

Failure to feed an animal for a day will result in the bar decreasing by one day per day missed.

When the progress bar is full, the animal will start following the player and can be lead to its respective habitat.

  • Convenience Tip: It is recommended to carry the animal's habitat in your inventory and simply place it next to the animal before feeding it the final time. Once the animal has been tamed and removed from the habitat, pick the habitat back up with a Hammer.

When the animal makes contact with its habitat, a pop-up will appear notifying the player that the animal has been tamed and allow the player to name the animal if they wish.

Naming the animal (even if the name is blank) completes the taming process.

Important Note: If the player fully feeds an animal but fails to tame it that day (such as passing out before making it to the habitat), there is a small chance the animal will respawn the next day with full progress intact. Feeding the animal will cause it to follow the player again. This does not apply to rare animals and Legendary Mounts. If they are not tamed by the end of the day, they disappear.


  • Baby animals can be purchased from Mr. Jones, PoppyMr. Mooney's assistant Jacob, or may be obtained by other means, such as winning it at a Festival or finding one in a Blue Mystery Box.
  • After being placed in a habitat, the player must feed the baby animal consecutively for a certain number of days for the animal to mature. The animal's maturity status can be viewed when opening the habitat.
    • Failure to feed the animal consecutively will reset the animal's maturity by one day.

Note: Once the animal reaches its adult form, it will always show as "Full" and no longer needs to be fed. (The player may still do so if they wish, but it is not required and likely does not have any benefit.)

Additionally, both baby and adult animals may be obtained in Animal Mystery Boxes bought at the Summer Festival for 150 Summer Tickets. Animals may even randomly be found in Easter Eggs during the Spring Festival.

Certain animals are also sometimes given as quest rewards.



An animal placed in a habitat will drop 1 item every day. Items vary by animal type, such as feathers, eggs, wool, fur, or even geodes. These can be sold, used to complete quests, or as a material in crafting recipes.

Cows and Goats can be interacted with using a Wooden Bucket to obtain Cow Milk or Goat Milk

All animals drop poop, which can be used to craft Basic Fertilizer or requested by NPCs in some quests. There is a rare chance for animals to drop Golden Poop. Some animals do not drop anything other than poop.

Animals themselves can also be sold in the player's shop.


The player can have an animal follow them by placing them in the pet slot (shown with the pawprint symbol) in their inventory. Pets do not provide any perks to the player, will not drop resources, and cannot be interacted with unless the animal is mountable.
Animal Display

Animal Display

Displaying AnimalsEdit

Animals can be placed inside an Animal Display. They will appear in the world and move around and behave as they normally would, but they will not drop resources.


Many animals are mountable and can be ridden by the player. Depending on the animal, movement speed and jump height may be increased or decreased. Riding is only available with adult animals.

Mountable animals can be ridden when equipped in the pet slot. A "Ride" option will appear with the primary action button (E) when the player is near the animal. Pressing the secondary action button (F) will allow the player to get back off.

For more information, see Mounts.

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