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Ruins Area

Located east of Main Island.

Ruins Area

Located east of Main Island.

Ruins Area

Located east of Main Island.

Ruins Cave

A mysterious cave that holds valuable resources, and secrets.

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The Ruins Area is located on the eastern part of the Main Island. The area is initially inaccessible by the player, as the region is blocked by giant thorns at the start of the game. The origins of how these giant plants came to be is unknown.

Access Requirements[]

At some point the player will receive mail from Frank about the thorns, which kicks off a questline to clear them away and unlock the area. The Blacksmith and Miner's Camp must be available in order to complete all of the quests.

The area becomes accessible 3 days after completing "Making an Axe".

See Also:Detailed Map of Main Island



  • Dog can be found at main entrance of the region, after walking through the narrow pathway that has been cleared.
  • 1 Ferret can be found on top of the mountain in the eastern corner of the ruined building


  • Wanderer can be initially found in front of Ruins Cave, located slightly north-west of the region.


Notable places for the player to visit:

Chest Locations[]

3 Chests can be found in the region:

  • To the left of the cave entrance
  • Inside the cave on a small island at the end of a bridge
  • On top of the mountain on the northern side, in a courtyard area

Quest Items[]

The 5 items needed for the "Pieces of the Past" collection (Antique Book, Chalice, Coin, Scroll, and Vase) in the Museum can be found inside the Ruins themselves on top of the mountain. They are located along the walls or in corners, sitting on top or next to old bookcases or other furniture.


  • This region has a placeholder name, and may be subject to change.