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Sammy is a seed seller.


Sammy is one of the first villagers the player can meet after arriving on the island and speaking to Frank.

After introductions, Sammy asks for help with building bridges to the small island where he lives, as well as setting up a wagon to sell seeds.

Personal shop[]

Initially Sammy's shop will have 2 random types of plant seeds for sale each day.

The shop can be upgraded through quests to stock 3 items instead of 2.

The following items can be purchased directly from Sammy:

Seed Name Buy Price
Seed Wheat.png Wheat Coin Icon.png 5
Seed Daisy.png Daisy Coin Icon.png 15
Seed Red Daisy.png Red Daisy Coin Icon.png 30
Seed Dandelion.png Dandelion Coin Icon.png 35
Seed Purple Daisy.png Purple Daisy Coin Icon.png 40
Seed Pink Leaf.png Pink Leaf Coin Icon.png 50
Seed Cabbage.png Cabbage Coin Icon.png 50
Seed Carrot.png Carrot Coin Icon.png 60
Seed Purple Cosmos.png Purple Cosmos Coin Icon.png 70
Seed Tall White Flower.png Tall White Flower Coin Icon.png 70
Seed Hydrangea.png Blue Hydrangea Coin Icon.png 75
Seed Blue Star.png Blue Star Coin Icon.png 80
Seed Purple Bell.png Purple Bell Coin Icon.png 110
Seed Strawberry.png Strawberry Coin Icon.png 115
Seed Yellow Flower Bush.png Yellow Flower Bush Coin Icon.png 130
Seed White Flower Bush.png White Flower Bush Coin Icon.png 180

Mail From Sammy[]


Sammy used to have the Green and White Bunny Skin:
Sammy Green.png

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