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How to Save Games[]

Saving games in Garden Paws can be done 3 ways: Automatic, Sleeping and via the Paws Menu.

Automatic Saving[]

At the end of the day at 23:30, you will see a notice popup about your character becoming tired. At 23:50 the world will begin to fade to black, and you will "pass out" at exactly 24:00. The screen will change to show the day's stats, and the game will save for the day.

When creating a new world, your character is provided with a bed which is automatically set as your default spawn point for automatic saves.

Saving by Sleeping[]

Sleeping is the primary method of manually saving your game. You can activate any bed before 24:00 to go to sleep earlier and save the game, cutting the day short. Shorter days have their benefits, such as when focusing on once-a-day tasks like Dungeon runs or taming animals.

Sleeping in a bed moves your spawn point to the location of that bed.

Paws Menu Saving[]

Manual saves were introduced in the 1.4.1 update, and can be done by opening the Paws Menu (ESC) and clicking the save button. This is meant to allow players to save at any point, effectively pausing the day to continue from the next time they launch that world.

Questmark New.png Saving through the Paws Menu is not 100% reliable. Some changes you made that day might not "stick", so use at your own risk. It is safer to save by sleeping.

Backup Files[]

Saving does not just affect one day. Garden Paws actually keeps backup saves for the last 10 in-game days you played.

In Windows Explorer, you can find the saves directory at:

%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\SavesDir

On a Mac, the saves directory is at:

/Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/com.BittenToast.Gardenpaws/SavesDir

If you type that into Explorer/Finder and press Enter, it should take you directly to the folder.

You will see 11 files called GardenPaws.IS, all but one with a number.

Garden Paws SavesDir.png

GardenPaws.IS is the most recent save. It is the one the game will load by default when you continue your game as usual.

The increasing numbers are back ups from previous days, with GardenPaws1.IS initially being a copy of GardenPaws.IS (without the number). So if logging in to GardenPaws.IS starts you on Winter 15, that means the last saved game day was Winter 14. So GardenPaws1.IS will load Winter 14, GardenPaws2.IS will load Winter 13 GardenPaws3.IS will load Winter 12, and so on.

It is suggested to make a note of the last in-game date you played, so you know what each file will load without testing them one by one.

Loading a Backup[]

In order to load a backup, change the name of it to GardenPaws.IS without the number. It will overwrite the existing GardenPaws.IS, so back that up somewhere else first.

Loading the game will now load that backup file, and you can continue playing as usual.

A Warning About Backups[]

Before making any changes to the save files, make sure to copy them to another location in case you mess up and need to go back to square one.

This is because each time you 1) save a game or 2) load a previous save, the entire SavesDir folder is adjusted and reorganized so that all the other files become previous-day backups from the last saved day.

Using the previous example, if you load GardenPaws3.IS as GardenPaws.IS, the whole backup folder will change so that GardenPaws1.IS is now Winter 12 instead of Winter 14, and so on.

This means that if you did not make copies of the files beforehand, you will lose access to all days past Winter 12.