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The Screenshot Mode, also called Drone Camera Mode, is a way for the player to achieve cinematic-quality screenshots.

Activating Screenshot Mode hides the UI and disconnects the camera view from behind the character, allowing you to move around the world like a "drone".


To use Screenshot Mode, press F10 or F11.

  • F10 activates the Drone Camera without pausing the game. Time still passes, and everything still moves.
  • F11 is the same as F10, except it stops time so NPCs and animals freeze in place. F11 does not pause time in Multiplayer Mode.


To move the camera, use the WASD keys and mouse (or the equivalent gamepad controls) as you normally would. Shift speeds up movement. Holding Shift+W/S along with A or D will move even faster, but on an angle. It can take some getting used to, but it will allow you to zip around a bit more quickly.
If the screen looks blurry at some angles, you can adjust that in the settings below.

Taking Pictures[]

Screenshots with F8

  • F8 takes a screenshot and saves it to "\..\Steam\steamapps\common\Garden Paws\screenshots".
    Screenshots taken with F8 automatically remove all user interface elements such as the hotbar, quest sidebar, floating text (like animal or container names), or menu windows (including the Paws Menu). This means it can be used for more aesthetic screenshots even when not in F10/F11 mode.
  • F7 is supposed to open the Garden Paws\screenshots folder, but doesn't work at the moment.

Screenshots with F12

  • F12 is the default Steam screenshot key. It takes a screenshot of the game as-is (including all GUI elements) and saves it to "\..\Steam\userdata\<your#here>\760\remote\840010\screenshots".

Screenshot Settings[]

Drone Camera Options.png

To change settings for the Drone Camera, press F9.

Depth of Field[]

  • On: The camera is only partly in focus. Background elements are blurry, and sharpness is limited to a specific range which can be manipulated by Aperture and Focal Length.
  • Off: The camera is always in focus. Background is just as sharp as foreground.

Auto Focus Player[]

When turned on, makes the screen sharp when facing the player character, and blurry when facing away.
When turned off, there is another button labeled "Set Focus". This sets the center focal point to wherever the camera is at that moment. It does not have to be near the player character.
If Depth of Field is turned off, this setting has no effect.


When Depth of Field is turned on, this slider affects how large an area around your focal point (character or otherwise) remains in focus at a time. The higher the number, the narrower the distance. At 0.00, nothing is in focus. At around 2.00, only things horizontally in line with the player remain in focus. 30.00 is the maximum distance. 
This setting is best used together with Focal Length.

Focal Length[]

When Depth of Field is turned on, this slider affects how close to your focal point objects have to be in order to stay in focus. The higher the number, the closer objects have to be to remain sharp. At 0.00, everything is in focus. At 300.00, only things in the exact vicinity of the focal point will be in focus.
This setting is best used together with Aperture. 

Pause Game[]

In a single player world, this setting pauses or unpauses time without leaving screenshot mode. It has no effect in multiplayer.


This slider affects the position of the sun in the sky based on time of day, from 06:10 to 23:18. It does not clear up the weather or remove clouds, so you will still need a sunny day for best results.
Manipulating the sun allows for dynamic-looking shots no matter what time of day it is. Found a perfect photo opportunity, but it's night and the lighting sucks? Change it to the middle of the day.
Note: This does not actually change the time in game. It only shows what the lighting will look like at that time.

Cutscene Creator[]

This feature is not currently implemented.


To exit Screenshot Mode, press ESC. This will cancel any F9 lighting adjustments or changes you made, and snap the camera back to your character where you left off in regular gameplay.