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Seed Bundle Station is a workstation used to combine seeds into bundles.


Place multiples of 4 of any one type of seed in the Seed Bundle Station along with Basic Fertilizer. It will immediately convert 4 seeds at a time into 1 bundle of that type of seed, using 1x fertilizer per bundle.

A total of 50 Basic Fertilizer and 50 seeds can be added to the Seed Bundle Station at one time, but since bundles are made using 4 seeds, 50 seeds will create 12 bundles, with 38 fertilizer and 2 seeds left in the station. 

Any remaining fertilizer and seeds can be left in the Seed Bundle Station for future use.


  • The station will stop working if there is no fertilizer in the slot, but more can be added at any time.
  • Stacks of bundles or individual seeds can be left in the station if adding more of the same plant, but they must be removed before creating bundles of another plant.
  • There must be an empty slot on the hotbar (or a slot with at least 1 of the same item) in order to remove bundles or leftover seeds from the Seed Bundle Station.
  • Using both a Seed Bundle and Basic Fertilizer together will not increase the seed return chance more than 100% from the bundle alone.

Seed Return Chance[]

Plants harvested from a Seed Bundle will always give at least 1 seed back, as opposed to only a 40% chance of receiving a seed when using Basic Fertilizer on a single soil plot. Bundles do not guarantee an increase in harvest yield, however. You will generally harvest the same min/max amount from a Seed Bundle that you would if you planted the 4 crops separately. The main difference is the guaranteed seed in return.

This means that if you plant 100 seed bundles (requiring 100 fertilizer to make them), you will always get at least 100 seeds back. But if you plant the equivalent of 400 individual seeds with 400 fertilizer for each plot of soil, you might get 160 seeds back in an ideal scenario, but the chance of reaching that amount is still only 40% per plant.

While this may seem to be a net loss, Seed Bundles are still helpful for cutting down on energy needed to farm and saving on fertilizer. It is more about convenience and facility of gathering crops than maximizing every aspect of farming.

Seed Bundles and Basic Fertilizer bonuses do not stack, so it is best to save fertilizer either for unbundled plants or for use in the Seed Bundle Station.