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Seedmaker is a workstation that allows the player to craft seeds from Plants.


  • The Seedmaker is not craftable until after the first day of Winter, Year 1. The player will receive the Seedmaker blueprint in a letter from Sammy. It can then be crafted on a Workbench.
  • If the Inn has been completed, every Fall Sadie offers the seasonal quest Fish for Food which rewards the player with 1x Seedmaker.
  • A Seedmaker is a potential prize in festival minigames. This makes it possible to obtain a Seedmaker during the Summer Festival before it becomes craftable in Winter of Year 1.


To use the Seedmaker, walk up with a plant in an active hotbar slot, and press E. The plant will appear above the Seedmaker. If the plant was in a stack, 1 will be removed from the stack total.

After 5 in-game hours, the player can return to collect 1-2 seeds of the original plant. The plant is destroyed in the process.


  • Non-plant items can be 'placed' in the Seedmaker, but they will immediately pop out of the bottom slot.
  • The Seedmaker cannot be used to create seeds from Fruit Trees. For that a Fruit Tree Seedmaker is required.