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Settings options can be found through the Paws Menu (ESC).

Audio Video Settings.png

Ambience Volume[]

Adjusts volume for environmental sounds, such as rain, running water, animal noises, loot chests, etc.

Music Volume[]

Adjusts volume for the background music.

Game SFX Volume[]

Adjusts volume for sounds made through player actions, such as using tools, harvesting plants, etc

Interface SFX Volume[]

Adjusts volume for menu-related actions, such as button presses, scrolling through slots, etc.

Quality: Low/Medium/High[]

Adjusts the level of visual detail. "High" is only recommended for more powerful computers. Set to Low for better performance.

Grid Placement[]

Toggles the snapping of items to a precise grid during placement of items. This setting can be manually overridden by holding ALT while placing or moving items, which temporarily changes the toggle to the other option.

Weather Effects[]

Toggles rain or snow. Turn off for better performance.


Toggles V-Sync, which limits frame rate to your monitor's refresh rate. Turn off to allow for higher frame rates, at the risk of visual issues for slower computers. Turn on if you experience screen tearing or graphical artifacts, or if your graphics card is running too hot. If you are unsure, leave toggled on.

Volumetric Light[]

Toggles volumetric lighting, which affects the interaction of light sources with atmosphere (sun rays through fog or smoke, directional light sources, etc). Turn off for better performance.

High Q. Water[]

Toggles the quality of water, including surface detail, transparency, and reflections. Turn off for better performance.

Smooth Camera[]

Toggles smoother motion of the camera during gameplay and specific camera movements.


Enables/Disables the gradual obscuring of scenery further away from the player, as if hidden by mist. Turn off for better performance.


Toggles the dynamic grass. If off, the ground will only show the underlying flat grass texture. Turn off for better performance.


Toggles the appearance of clouds. This setting only affects the clouds themselves, and will not change the ambient light (it can't turn a gray day into a sunny one, for example).

Dynamic Trees[]

Toggles whether or not trees move as if blown by the wind. Turn off for better performance.

UI Scale[]

Changes the size of menu windows and text.


Adjusts the brightness of the game.


Adjusts the Field of View. Default is 60.

Render Distance[]

Adjusts how far away the player must be before distant objects are loaded. Set to low for better performance, especially if having trouble in the Dungeon or with FPS in general.

Toggle Full Screen[]

Toggles between Full Screen and Windowed modes.

Change Resolution[]

Adjusts the resolution for both Full Screen and Windowed modes.

Debug Menu[]

The tiny gear icon in the lower right leads to the debug menu. The average player can safely ignore it, as it's primarily used by devs and modders.