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Sheep are tameable animals that can be found in the wild or raised from Lambs.


Sheep can be:

Adult Sheep cannot be purchased.

Location in the Wild[]

There are 7 adult sheep in the Waterfall Region:

  • 5 White south of Wheat Isle
  • 1 Black on Wheat Isle
  • 1 Pink next to a tree east of Wheat Isle

For specific locations, see the Detailed Map.


Wild Sheep can be tamed by feeding them Hay consecutively for 10 days and bringing them to a Barn to be named.

As mounts, Sheep run slightly faster than the player, but have a decreased jump height.

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

  • For some players, when bringing a tamed Pink Sheep to a Barn, the sheep turns into a giant duck. (Yeah it's a weird one.) Pink Sheep obtained through mystery boxes or festival games do not have this issue.
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