Shopkeeping is a core of element of gameplay, as it is one of the best way(s) for players to gain money. Players can sell anything in the game that can be crafted or found as a drop. Overtime, the shop can be upgraded to increase its selling capacity, which results in the player being able to sell more items.


In order to use the shop to its potential, players should be aware:

  • The shop can only be open from 12:00 to 18:00 (6 real-life minutes/6 hours in-game) everyday
  • The shop can be closed and opened again within the 12:00 to 18:00 time period, at the player's discretion
  • Randomly-generated customers will continuously come to the player's shop until 18:00
  • The shop can be continously stocked when it is open until it is closed
  • An assistant can be hired to manage the player's shop for a fee of 30% of each item's value.


Tutorial Shopkeeping

In order to use the shop:

  • The player has to craft or find items that they are willing to sell and have them in their inventory
    • The player can do this before or after opening the shop
  • Open the shop table, and drag the items that are being sold to the table window
  • Open the shop by interacting with the shop sign
  • Wait for randomly-generated customers to come and pick up items they wish to buy
  • Sell the items to the customers when they come to the cash register to buy

Shop UpgradesEdit

Shop upgrades can be purchased from Frank through his Upgrade Table. These upgrades lead to an increase in capacity, or how many items the player can put up for sale.


  • Through Twitch Integration, it is possible for customers be named after Twitch viewers that are active in the respective streamer's chat. Messages can also be seen above the viewer's corresponding character.
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