Sierra is a landscaper who runs a Garden Shop in the Town of Florens.


Sierra comes to the Main Island on Spring 26, Year 2[1].

They hear news from Frank that the Town of Florens is quickly expanding and growing, and want to set up a shop in the town.


Sierra will first appear on the dock behind Captain Conrad, then move to a spot in front of the Town Mine, between Jenna and James.

Personal ShopEdit

After helping Sierra build their Garden Shop via a series of quests, the player is able to purchase garden-related items.

Plant Fiber DeliveryEdit

Once the player completes the quest Investing in Planters, "Upgrade Sierra's Shop" becomes available on Frank's Upgrade Table.

The upgrade allows Sierra to sell new items, and 50x Plant Fiber will set aside daily for the player. The delivery can be upgraded further with "Upgrade Sierra's Shop 2" to increase the delivery to 200x Plant Fiber per day.

Important Note: Plant Fiber deliveries can be collected from the brown Shed next to Sierra. They are not sent to the player's house like other deliveries.


  1. There have been some reports saying that Sierra does not show up unless the Inn is built, so if you reach Spring 26, Year 2 and they don't show up, purchase the Inn upgrade and follow Sadie's questline until they do.

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