Skins are one way to customize your character. There are many skins to find and choose from, some unique to specific animal bases.

Obtaining Skins[edit | edit source]

Skins can be found or earned in a variety of ways:

Some skins are only available during certain seasons. They can be purchased from Rudolph during Winter or exchanged for Bunny Tickets during the Spring Festival.

Using Skins[edit | edit source]

Skins are considered items until they are consumed/unlocked. They can be stored in chests, sold at the player's Shop or converted to Stardust Skins (see below).

Unlocking Skins[edit | edit source]

Merely having a skin in the inventory does not make it available in the customization menu. A skin needs to be "unlocked" before it can be used by the player. To unlock a skin, place it in the active hotbar slot and press E. The skin will be consumed and added to the customization menu. Once used, the skin cannot be turned back into an item.

Skins in the inventory can be unlocked in bulk from the Character Customization menu by pressing the green "Unlock skins from inventory" button.

Note: Unlocked skins do not carry over between different characters.

If you already have a particular skin unlocked, activating it will show a popup informing you, and the skin will not be used.

Skins vs Animal Bases[edit | edit source]

Skin/base combinations (Horse and Dog not shown)

Some skins will change the visual 'species' appearance of an animal base (size of beak, shape of tail, etc), instead of merely changing the coloring of the base.

Some examples include:

Stardust Skins[edit | edit source]

Any Skin item can be converted into a Stardust Skin item by combining it with Stardust in a Starduster. Stardust Skins are slightly darker and have a subtle animated glitter effect while worn, similar to the Unicorn mount and the Unicorn Horn clothing item.

Making Stardust Skins[edit | edit source]

The player must hold the Skin in an active hotbar slot in order to place it on the Starduster. The same needs to be done with the Stardust. When both items are in place, the Starduster will immediately begin working. After a minute or so, the new Stardust Skin will be available to retrieve.

Base Skin Bear.png Sparkly Skin Bear.png Base Skin Dog.png Sparkly Skin Dog.png
Canada Bear
Base Skin
Canada Bear
Stardust Skin
Shiba Inu Dog
Base Skin
Shiba Inu Dog
Stardust Skin

This process cannot be reversed. Converting a Base Skin to a Stardust Skin is permanent.

Stardust Skins cannot be found as loot or purchased from a shop, but as items they can be sold for Coin Icon.png280 coins (regular skins sell for Coin Icon.png180 coins).

Skins List[edit | edit source]

Visit the pages below for full lists of skins for each base:

Skin Sets[edit | edit source]

Skin Sets are skin designs that have versions for more than one animal base. Some are the same across bases, and some are merely varieties of colors for a single base. The following are the currently available cross-base skin sets:

Specific animal color and design sets can be views on their respective skin pages.

Skin BasesSkin ListSkin Sets
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