Skins are one of the way to customize the player character. There are many skins, unique to different playable animal races.

Obtaining skinsEdit

Skins can be obtained in a variety of ways: found in random treasure chests out in the wild, awarded for completing certain actions or quests, or purchased from Splash's store available after the player purchases the Appearance Shop at the Upgrade Table.

Some skins are seasonal: they can be purchased from Rudolph or exchanged for Bunny Tickets during the Spring Festival.

A Skin needs to be unlocked before it can be selected when changing the player's appearance. To unlock the skin the player needs to place it in an active inventory slot and press E. Skins can also be unlocked from the Character Customization menu by pressing the green "Unlock skins from inventory" button.

Sparkling skinsEdit

Any Skin can be made sparkly by combining it with Stardust using a Starduster. A Skin needs to be in the player's inventory as an item in order to be made sparkly.

Skins listEdit


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