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Splash is shopkeeper who sells designer skins.

They will not be available in game until the Appearance Shop is purchased from the Upgrade Table.


Splash will have 3 to 5 random skins in stock every day. Possible skins include those obtainable from seasonal Festivals, such as the Gingerbread Skin set. They are sold at the same price.

The selection of skins does not change on reload of the same day, unlike the weather or Legendary Animal spawn chances.

Splash's whole appearance (base, skin, and face) changes about every 8 seconds as it cycles through one of the skins available for purchase that day, in order from left to right on the display table.


On the Classic Map, Splash's stall is between Clovis and Roman, across from Jenna.

On the alternate River Map, it is next to Jenna's after entering the town gate.

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