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The Spring Festival event in the Town of Florens is celebrated from Spring 16 to Spring 30 every year.

Spring Festival

Break open your eggs on the Easter Anvil!

Spring Festival

Trade Bunny Tickets for beautiful decorations for your home

Spring Festival

Collect ALL the eggs!


Easter Anvil

During the Spring Festival, the southwestern part of the Town of Florens region is transformed into an Easter-themed area, presided over by Ester the Easter Bunny, who remains there for the duration of the event.

Egg Hunt[]

The player can talk to Ester to begin the Easter Egg Hunt quest, in which the player is challenged to find 20 Decorative Eggs hidden around the Town of Florens region.

Tickets and Prizes[]

Once an Easter Egg is found, it can be brought to the Easter Anvil (found next to Ester), where it can be broken open to receive item prizes and a number of Bunny Tickets.

The player is not required to find all the Decorative Eggs in order to break them open, but finding all 20 rewards the player with 10 extra Bunny Tickets, as well as the achievement "An Eggcelent Collector".

Bunny Ticket

Bunny Tickets can be exchanged at the various festival stalls for themed skins or special Mystery Egg Crates. The Egg Crates can be opened to receive prizes.

  • "Rare" Eggs can potentially reward the player with rarer items (such as Fairy Wings or Gems) when cracked open with the Easter Anvil

Once the eggs are collected, they will not respawn until the following year.

For locations (including non-spoiler hints), see Decorative Eggs.

Easter Stalls[]

Below are all available stalls where the player can exchange Bunny Tickets for Egg Crates. Egg Crates can be opened by holding them in the hotbar and pressing "E".

Egg Crate prizes are chosen randomly according to type when the crate is opened. The changing icons that appear over the display stands in front of the stalls list the possible items for each crate.

Stall Image Egg Crate Crate Items Requirements
Stall Crate Easter Balloon.png Balloon Easter Crate.png Balloon Green.pngBalloon Blue.pngBalloon Red.pngBalloon Purple.png 10x Ticket Bunny.png
Stall Crate Easter Apron.png Apron Easter Crate.png Apron White.pngApron Black.pngApron Blue.pngApron Green.png Apron Purple.pngApron Red.pngApron BlueWhiteDots.png Apron Cherries.pngApron Duck.pngApron Flowery.pngApron Fox.pngApron Heart.pngApron Lemons.pngApron Paws.png Apron Poop.pngApron PurpleFlowers.pngApron Rainbow.pngApron RedWhiteDots.png 15x Ticket Bunny.png
Stall Crate Easter Planter.png Planter Easter Crate.png Planter Stone Green.pngPlanter Stone Blue.pngPlanter Stone Yellow.pngPlanter Stone Purple.png 20x Ticket Bunny.png
Stall Crate Easter Crown.png Crown Easter Crate.png Crown Egg.pngCrown Egg Flower.pngCrown Flower.pngCrown Egg Gold.png 20x Ticket Bunny.png
Stall Crate Easter Decoration.png Easter Decoration Crate.png Stone Bird Bath.pngEgg Shrub.pngEgg Flower Centerpiece.png 25x Ticket Bunny.png
Stall Crate Easter Faberge.png Faberge Egg Easter Crate.png Egg Faberge Blue Chest.pngEgg Faberge Red Chest.pngEgg Faberge Purple Chest.png 40x Ticket Bunny.png
Stall Crate Easter Skins.png Pastel Skin Easter Crate.png Cotton Candy Dragon.pngYellow and Pink Skin.pngPastel Paw Skin.pngRainbow Skin.pngRainbow Badger.pngMissing.pngMissing.png
Black Rainbow Dragon.pngWhite Rainbow Dragon.png[1]
40x Ticket Bunny.png
100x Ticket Bunny.png
Stall Crate Easter Bunny.png Bunny Easter Crate.png Bunny Blue.pngBunny Green.pngBunny Pink.pngBunny Purple.png 75x Ticket Bunny.png
Flower Fountain.png

The player can approach the Flower Fountain at the center of the festival area and purchase one directly for 75x Ticket Bunny.png.

The Spring Festival event was first released in 1.1.0f.


  1. There is a small chance the player can randomly get the Black Rainbow Dragon and White Rainbow Dragon skins from the cheaper 40x Ticket Skins Egg Crate. The 100x Ticket price is for purchasing the dragon skins directly.