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Stone is one of the most common crafting materials.


There are several ways to obtain Stone:

  • Picking up single pieces scattered on the ground. This takes no energy, and is one of the best ways to gather Stone early game.
  • Using a Pickaxe to break Rocks (see Object tab), found all over the Main Island and inside Caves. Energy needed to break rocks depends on the size of the rock and the quality of Pickaxe used.
Small Rocks yield 3-7 Stone
Large Rocks yield 6-8 Stone
Both have a chance to drop a Geode when mined
  • Breaking open a Geode on an Anvil has a chance to drop 1x Stone
  • Stone can be purchased directly from Frank for Coin Icon.png30
  • A tamed Penguin in a Penguin Habitat has a daily chance to drop 1x Stone
  • The player can set up a daily delivery of Stone after completing the "Daily Stone" questline.


Stone is used to craft the following items:

AcornAlpaca FiberAmethystAquamarineBee NestBirch WoodBirch Wooden BoardBottleCitrineCoalCopper BarCopper OreCrystal GeodeDelicate FurDiamondDuck FeatherEmeraldFeatherFlintGeodeGlassGold BarGold OreGarnetGold PoopHayLarge Wooden BoardMallard FeatherMarbleMystic QuartzOld BottlePaperPlant FiberPoopQuartzRainbow PoopRopeRubySandSapphireSilver BarSilver OreSnowballStardustStoneTall GrassTree TrunkWoodWooden PoleWooden BoardWool