Storage is important in the world of Garden Paws, where collecting items is an essential part of gameplay. Without a place to put all of the items the you gather, you would quickly run out of inventory space.

Thankfully there are many storage items available over the course of the game.


Most storage items in the game are craftable, though some crafting recipes must be unlocked through quests or Blueprints. Other storage items can be purchased from shopkeepers or received as quest or minigame rewards.

Types of Storage ItemsEdit

Storage items fall into four general categories: General Storage, Display Storage, Dedicated Storage, and Decorative Storage.

General StorageEdit

General storage items are recognizable storage objects that are capable of storing any kind of item in the game.

Small ChestMedium ChestLarge ChestEndTable LightwoodDresser LightwoodShedSuper Shed
Dungeon ChestDungeon Chest CopperDungeon Chest SilverDungeon Chest GoldCrystal Dungeon Chest
Rock ChestRock Chest CopperRock Chest SilverRock Chest Gold

Display StorageEdit

These storage containers display in-game images of the items inside.

Stone Display StandFancy Stone Display StandDungeon CrateWooden CrateSmall Marble DisplayMedium Marble DisplayLarge Marble DisplayBoat Shelf

Dedicated StorageEdit

Dedicated storage items are storage objects with limits for what type of items can be placed inside.

Storage Container Allowed Items
Large Wood Storage WoodWooden BoardWooden PoleWooden BlockBirch WoodBirch Wooden Board
Large Stone Storage StoneCoalGeodeCrystal Geode
Fridge Food items only
Large WardrobeCostume ChestWood Mannequin Clothing items only
Note: Wooden Mannequin is also a display item
Small Wall Display Displays Accessories only
Animal DisplayPlush Dog Bed Displays Animals only

The following items seem like they might be dedicated storage based on their names and how they look, but they can in fact hold any items in the game:

Wood Storage CrateReinforced Wood StorageStone Storage CrateReinforced Stone StorageOre Storage CrateGem Storage CrateFlower Storage CrateReinforced Flower StorageLarge Flower StorageSeed Storage CrateReinforced Seed StorageLarge Seed StoragePaper Storage CrateBottle Storage CrateEgg Storage CrateMilk Storage CrateMushroom Storage CrateFish Ice BoxPaint Storage Crate

Decorative StorageEdit

Decorative storage covers all the storage items that don't seem to be storage items at first. They either blend in as decorations, or are not immediately obvious as containers.

Veggie BasketEgg Faberge Red ChestEgg Faberge Blue ChestEgg Faberge Purple Chest

Auto DepositEdit

Auto Deposit
Click to see animated example

There is a useful feature in the game called "Auto Deposit". If you are near a storage container that has items inside, pressing "F" will dump any of those same items from your inventory right into the chest, without having to open the chest.

This makes sorting items and decluttering your inventory much faster.

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