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Storage is important in the world of Garden Paws, where collecting items is an essential part of gameplay. Thankfully there are many storage items available.

Storage Items Winter 2019-01-30 08-17-26.png
Storage items in the snow


Most storage items in the game are craftable, though some recipes must be unlocked through completing questlines or purchasing blueprints.

Non-craftable storage containers can be purchased from shopkeepers or received as quest or minigame rewards.

Types of Storage Items[]

Storage items fall into four broad categories: General, Display, Limited, and Decorative.

General Storage[]

General storage items are recognizable storage objects that are capable of storing any kind of item in the game.

Small Chest.pngMedium Chest.pngLarge Chest.pngEndTable Lightwood.pngDresser Lightwood.pngShed.pngSuper Shed.pngBasket.png
Stone Chest Small.pngStone Chest Medium.pngStone Chest Large.pngRock Chest.pngRock Chest Copper.pngRock Chest Silver.pngRock Chest Gold.png
Dungeon Chest.pngDungeon Chest Copper.pngDungeon Chest Silver.pngDungeon Chest Gold.pngCrystal Dungeon Chest.pngTreasure Island Chest.pngDragon Statue Chest.pngFeather Light Chest.png

Display Storage[]

These storage containers display in-game icons of the items inside.

Stone Display Stand.pngFancy Stone Display Stand.pngDungeon Crate.pngWooden Crate.pngSmall Marble Display.pngMedium Marble Display.pngLarge Marble Display.pngBoat Shelf.pngBirch Glass Shelf.pngBirch Display.png

Limited Storage[]

Limited storage items are containers with limits for what type of items can be placed inside.

Storage Container Allowed Items
Large Wood Storage.png Wood.pngWooden Board.pngLarge Wooden Board.pngWooden Pole.pngWooden Block.pngBirch Wood.pngBirch Wooden Board.png
Large Stone Storage.png Stone.pngCoal.pngGeode.pngCrystal Geode.png
Copper Ore.pngSilver Ore.pngGold Ore.png
Outhouse.png Poop.pngGold Poop.pngRainbow Poop.pngBasic Fertilizer.png
Honey Jar.png Honey.png Honeycomb.png
Fridge.png Food items only
Flower Shed.png Flowers only
Seed Storage Shed.png Seeds only
Aquarium.png Fish and Shellfish
(Does not display the items inside)
Large Wardrobe.pngCostume Chest.png
Wooden Mannequin.pngStone Mannequin.pngMagic Mannequin.png
Clothing items
Mannequins display the items inside
Small Wall Display.png Displays Accessories
Animal Display.pngCrystal Paw.pngPlush Dog Bed.png Displays Animals
Creatures on the Animal Display do not produce items

Decorative Storage[]

Decorative storage covers containers that either blend in as decorations, are not immediately obvious as containers, or seem like they might have limited storage based on their names and how they look, but they can in fact hold any items in the game:

Wood Storage Crate.pngReinforced Wood Storage.pngStone Storage Crate.pngReinforced Stone Storage.pngOre Storage Crate.pngGem Storage Crate.pngFlower Storage Crate.pngReinforced Flower Storage.pngLarge Flower Storage.pngSeed Storage Crate.pngReinforced Seed Storage.pngLarge Seed Storage.pngPaper Storage Crate.pngBottle Storage Crate.pngEgg Storage Crate.pngMilk Storage Crate.pngMushroom Storage Crate.pngFish Ice Box.pngPaint Storage Crate.pngVeggie Basket.pngEgg Faberge Red Chest.pngEgg Faberge Blue Chest.pngEgg Faberge Purple Chest.pngFlower Display Lavender.pngFlower Display Dandelion.pngFlower Display Hydrangea.pngFlower Display Cosmos.pngFlower Display Bush.pngTrunk Chest.pngPuzzle Chest.pngPirate Storage.png

Auto Deposit[]

Auto Deposit.gif
Click to see animated example

There is a useful feature in the game called "Auto Deposit". If you are near a storage container that has items inside, pressing "F" (B on a controller) will dump any of those same items from your inventory right into the chest, without having to open the chest.

This makes sorting items and decluttering your inventory much faster.

Auto deposit will only work if at least 1 of that same item is already in that storage container.

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

Container Overwriting[]

The problem: Sometimes if two of the same type of storage containers occupy the same space (touching or overlapping), an overwrite can happen where the contents of box X get copied into box Y, replacing whatever was in box Y.

The replacement is permanent, so any items lost will not be retrievable unless you restore a previous save file from before the overwrite happened. But the restore option is only possible if you have not played past the 10-day save backup window.

Why this happens: Each container type has an ID dependent on the container itself, not its contents. So if 2 or more are sharing the same space, the game gets confused about which one is actually in that spot, or thinks both are the same item, hence the overwriting.

Currently the only way to prevent this is to make sure you don't have multiples of the same storage item (2 gem crates, 2 sheds, etc) too close or overlapping.


  • Empty all containers before moving them or placing similar ones nearby, and only put the items back when the containers are in the positions you want.
  • To be absolutely certain, keep the containers empty and sleep or pass out to save the day, and put the items back in the morning.

Auto Deposit with Collector Habitats[]

  • Using Auto Deposit on a habitat that collects or produces item drops (Apiary, Butterfly Garden, Ferret Habitat, etc) causes the respective items to disappear despite the animation showing the items being thrown inside. The lost items are not retrievable without restoring a saved game.
  • Using Auto Deposit on an Apiary or Butterfly Garden that has 1 or more empty bottle slots will place an entire stack of the respective bottles into the first empty slot instead of 1 per slot. The stack may not be retrievable without restoring a saved game.