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Strawberry is a plant available during Spring and Summer.


Strawberries can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Gathered in the wild. Strawberrys can be found in the Waterfall Region during Spring and Summer.
  • Grown by the player from Strawberry seeds by planting them in tilled soil or a planter and watering them.
  • If you fertilize the soil before planting,then when its fully grown it will also have a chance to drop 1 seed.
    • Strawberry Seed can be obtained by gathering a wild Strawberry or purchased from Sammy. It takes 4 days to grow and produces 1-2 Strawberries.
  • Found in a random treasure chest.
  • Purchased from Elizabeth's Flower Shop.


Strawberry is an ingredient in the following recipes:


Strawberries are used in the following quests:

Strawberry Seeds are used in the following quests:

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