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Sushi Station is a crafting station used to prepare fish and craft a variety of sushi-related food items.


The Sushi Station is used similarly to the Cooking Station or Stone Oven. Ingredients are added and left in the station, and the final product is produced after a wait time.

There are two 'tiers' of sushi crafting: prepped ingredients, and a final edible product.

  • All second tier recipes require Nori, Cooked Rice, and the prepped version of a fish.
  • All prepped ingredients can be crafted at the same station, but Raw Rice, Seaweed, and any raw fish must be obtained through other means.
  • A stack of raw fish, or two stacks of different fish, will be crafted into a bowl of "prepped" fish of the same type.

Cooking time for second tier sushi is about an hour.


Sushi vs. Grilling[]

For new players and those looking to balance profit, time, and effort, grilling fish on a Campfire Grill is a more viable method for making money than sushi:

  • Grilling is unlocked much earlier in the game.
  • Crafting the Campfire Grill requires fewer startup resources and crafted items.
  • Both the Campfire Grill and grilled fish are used in more quest objectives and NPC requests.
  • Grilling takes 10 minutes to complete, but crafting sushi can take an hour or more.
  • Grilled fish have a higher maximum stack limit than sushi items, so less inventory space is used.
  • Grilling requires fewer interactions and button clicks.