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Sushi Station is a crafting station used to prepare fish.


Sushi Recipe Quick Chart[]

  1. Combine 5 or sometimes 10 raw fish on the Sushi Station to get a bowl of prepped fish.
  2. Combine prepped fish with a bowl of Cooked Rice and 2x Nori to get Sushi.
  3. Sell for a total profit of Coin Icon.png25 or eat to replenish Energy.
5x Raw Fish
Coin Icon.png 185
Coin Icon.png 250


  • Compared to Sushi, grilling fish on a Campfire Grill:
    • Returns a total profit of Coin Icon.png50 (compare to Sushi Station's Coin Icon.png25)
    • Cooks much faster than a Sushi Station (10 minutes vs. over an hour or more)
    • Requires fewer interactions and button clicks
    • Is unlocked much earlier in the game
    • Is used in more quest objectives
    • Takes up much less inventory space
    • Requires far fewer startup resources and crafts (Sushi requires Rice Paddy, Rice Mill, etc; and Campfire Grill is cheaper than a Sushi Station)
  • All of the above reasons currently make Sushi an unviable method of making money and progressing the game.
  • But User:Lexxy Fox still likes Sushi, and hopes the the wonderful developers make Sushi more yummy profitable :3
  • Pink, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Rainbow Jellyfish; and Spotted and Clown fish cannot be grilled.