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While all Animals in Garden Paws can be displayed in habitats or as pets, some must be Tamed or Raised first.

Taming is needed for wild animals. Baby animals must be raised.

For specific locations of wild animals, see Detailed Map or Kozita Detailed Map.


Not all animals are immediately available to find, purchase, or tame at the start of the game, and may require specific circumstances to unlock:

  • Habitats: Each animal requires a specific habitat, which must be available in order to raise it or complete the taming process.
  • NPCs: Access to some animals (e.g. Alpacas and Pigs) requires certain characters to move to the town (such as Poppy and their Animal Shop).
  • Quests: Some animals (e.g. Ducks or the Dog) are not accessible until completion of certain questlines that unlock new areas.
  • Access to Islands: Some animals (e.g. Hippos and Ferrets) are found on Outer Islands that the player will not initially be able to reach without a Glider or another way to get across the water.
  • Preferred Food: The player might not initially have access to the feed item an animal prefers, or the tool needed to acquire it. Some can only be purchased from certain NPCs.
  • Breeding: Some baby animals can only be obtained by breeding adult versions in a Breeding Pen, which requires completing the Breeding Questline.
  • Access to Kozita: Certain animals are only available on Kozita's main island, Rock Island, or Mountain Region.

Both adult and baby animals can be found in Animal Mystery Boxes, Animal Mystery Bags, Decorative Eggs, Loot Chests, or received as quest rewards.

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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.


Once a wild animal is located, the player can begin the taming process by feeding it the required food for a certain number of consecutive days.

To feed an animal, walk up to it while holding its preferred food in the active hotbar slot. You should see an icon above the animal that matches the food, along with an empty status bar.

Press E next to the animal to feed it. The item will be consumed and you will see heart emotes appear, along with a filled heart above the animal. The status bar will now be partially filled blue.

The blue bar indicates how far into the taming or raising process the animal is, giving a rough idea of how many days are left. The bar will already be visible if the animal has been fed on previous days. It will appear empty if the animal has not been fed at least once recently.

Skipping a day will move the taming progress bar backward by one day. If too many days are skipped, the bar will reset.

When the progress bar is full, the animal will start following the player and can be lead to its respective habitat[1].

  • Convenience Tip: It is recommended to carry the animal's habitat in your inventory and place it next to the animal before feeding it the final time. Once the animal has been tamed and removed from the habitat, pick the habitat back up with a Hammer.

When the animal makes contact with its habitat, a pop-up will appear notifying the player that the animal has been tamed and allow the player to name the animal if they wish.

Naming the animal (even if the name is blank) completes the taming process[2].

Tameable Animals[]

For specific locations, see Detailed Map or Kozita Detailed Map.

Animal Images Food Required Days to
Cat Cat.pngBlack Cat.png Fish
Dog Dog.png Pet it! 5
Bunny Bunny White.pngBunny Brown.pngBunny Black and White.png Carrot
Ferret Ferret.png Wool
Goat, Sheep Goat.pngGoat Black.pngMountain Goat.png
Sheep.pngSheep Black.pngSheep Pink.png
Fox, Small
Black Penguin
Fox.pngSmall Black Penguin.png Small Fish
Small Fish.png
Deer Deer.png Tall Grass
Tall Grass.png
Dung Beetle Beetle Black.pngBeetle Blue.pngBeetle Green.png
Beetle Fire.pngBeetle Rainbow 1.pngBeetle Rainbow 2.png
Beetle Feed
Beetle Feed.png
Ghost Cat Ghost Cat.png Stardust
Skunk Skunk.png Chicken Egg
Chicken Egg.png
Penguin Black Penguin.pngPink Penguin.pngBlue Penguin.png Small Fish
Small Fish.png
Elephant Elephant Blue.pngElephant Purple.png Hay
Bear Bear.pngBlack Bear.png Honey
Hippo Hippo.png Hay
Horse Horse.pngHorse Black.pngHorse White.png Hay
Legendary Mounts Unicorn.pngChicken.pngBunny White.png
Big Penguin.pngBeetle Gold.png
Legendary Feed
Legendary Feed.png
Kitsune Fox Kitsune Fox.png Yellow Angel Fish
Yellow Angel Fish.png
Legendary Kitsune Legendary Kitsune Fox.png Bright Damsel
Bright Damsel.png

For more information, see Animals, Habitats, Breeding, or Mounts.


Baby animals can be obtained through:

After being placed in a habitat, the baby animal must be fed for a certain number of days for the animal to mature. The number of days left till its next phase can be seen by opening the habitat window.

Unlike taming, skipping a day will not reverse the process, but will pause the progress bar until it is fed again.

Baby animals in habitats can be fed 3 different ways:

  • Press E next to them while holding their preferred food
  • Open the habitat window and dragging the food onto their icon
  • Place the appropriate feed inside a Feeding Trough within range of the animals

Once an animal reaches its adult form, it no longer needs to be fed, and it will not deplete any nearby Feeding Troughs. The heart above it will always appear as "Full". (The player may still feed the animal if they wish, but it is not required and does not have any effect on item drops.)

Raisable Animals[]

Animal Images Food Required Days to
Chick, Duckling,
Mallard Duckling
Chick.pngDuckling.pngMallard Duckling.png Bird Feed
Bird Feed.png
Baby Bunny Baby Bunny.png Carrot
Piglet Piglet.png Potato
Baby Goat, Lamb Baby Goat.pngLamb.png Hay
Baby Alpaca,
Calf, Foal
Baby Alpaca.pngCalf.pngFoal.png Hay
Baby Dog Baby Dog.png Cuddles 5
Baby Fox Baby Fox.png Small Fish
Small Fish.png
Snowy Owl Egg Owl Egg.png Cuddles 4
Tortoise Egg Tortoise Egg.png Cuddles 4
Baby Cat,
Baby Snowy Owl,
Baby Tortoise
Baby Cat.pngBaby Snowy Owl.pngTortoise Baby.png Small Fish
Small Fish.png
Dragon Egg Dragon Egg Pink.pngDragon Egg Green.pngDragon Egg Orange.png
Dragon Egg Blue.pngDragon Egg Black.pngDragon Egg Fairy.png
Cuddles 14
Baby Dragon Dragon Pink Baby.pngDragon Green Baby.pngDragon Red Baby.png
Dragon Blue Baby.pngDragon Black Baby.pngDragon Fairy Baby.png
Dragon Black Rainbow Baby.pngDragon White Rainbow Baby.png
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit.png



  1. There is a known bug where feeding a wild animal on the last day will complete the taming bar and emit hearts, but the animal will not follow the player. It must be fed again before it will follow.
  2. If the player fully feeds an animal but fails to tame it that day (such as passing out before making it to the habitat), there is a small chance the animal will respawn the next day with full progress intact. Feeding the animal will cause it to follow the player again. This does not apply to rare animals and Legendary Mounts. If they are not tamed by the end of the day, they disappear.
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