Having a good understanding of how time works in the game can help the player make effective use of their own time.


  • Every in-game day starts at 6:00 and ends at exactly 24:00 (18 minutes of gameplay)
    • An in-game hour is the equivalent of one real-world minute
    • By the time it reaches 23:50, the player's screen starts fading into a black screen until it reaches 24:00 (falling a sleep through exhaustion)
  • Every calendar month in the game lasts for 30 in-game days. (540 minutes, or 9 hours of gameplay)
  • Every calendar year in the game starts at Spring, then Summer, then Fall, and ends in Winter. (36 hours of gameplay)


The weather on the island depends on the season the player is in. Depending on the season, the player experiences different things that occur through out the island. This includes things such as a variety of plants, access to specific vendors, and even access to other islands. 

Spring & SummerEdit

These two seasons share the same variety of plants. There is also a chance to rain in these two seasons.

  • If the player finds it raining in their day, they do not need to water their crops


This season has a specific variety of plants that appear in the wild. There is also a chance to rain in this season as well. Players also have the ability to access the Halloween Island.


This season gives the player access to vendors (Dasher and Rudolph) that sell seasonal items. Snow falls throughout the whole 30 day in-game cycle. 

  • All plants also take one additional day to fully grow in this season


  • Passing out due to exhaustion does not penalize the player in any way the following morning
  • Certain things can be unlocked depending on how far the player has progressed, time wise
    • Ex. Kieran becomes available to the player when they reach the 15th day of Spring in Year 1 (initial start of game)