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Having a good understanding of how time works in the game can help the player make effective use of their day.


  • An in-game hour is the equivalent of one real-world minute.
  • Every in-game day starts at 6:00 and ends at exactly 24:00 (18 minutes of gameplay).
  • The shop can only be opened at or after 12:00, and closes automatically at 18:00.
  • At 22:00, the lighting changes dramatically and player can look to the sky to see a Fallen Star descending like a comet.
  • At 23:30, a warning will pop up that the character is getting tired.
  • At 23:50, the screen begins fading into black and 10 real world seconds later the player's character passes out (regardless if the clock reached 24:00 or not), ending the day and saving the game. The day's stats are then displayed.
    • You can continue to do actions (moving items in storage, fishing, harvesting plants, etc) until the screen blacks out. Actions that complete before passing out will be saved. Actions you are in the middle of will be cut short as the passing out animation plays.
    • Passing out due to exhaustion does not penalize the player in any way the following morning, but does award an achievement and a Galaxy Skin the first time you pass out using each animal base.
  • Visiting the Dungeon consumes 3 in-game hours regardless of how much time the player actually spends in the Dungeon in real life.
  • Visiting another island, such as Halloween Island, Winter Island, or Kozita, will pause all progress on the Main Island while the player is away, no matter how long they spend on the other island. Upon return, crop growth and animal taming progress will continue where they left off.
    • This applies to crop and animal taming progress started on any other islands. Crops planted on Kozita will pause while the player is on the Main Island. Only sleeping on Kozita itself will progress crops and taming to the next day.


An in-game calendar year begins in Spring and cycles through Summer, Fall, and Winter. (36 hours of gameplay). Each season lasts for 30 in-game days. (540 minutes, or 9 hours of gameplay).

  • Time-notated.jpg
    The current date for a world can be found on the world choice screen (see image) using the format "[Day Season Year]". In-game however, the number following the season is the day of the month.

Changes occur through out Florens depending on the season, including new plants, access to festival vendors, and even access to other islands.

Certain NPCs, quests, and events are specifically unlocked depending on how far the player has progressed time-wise. (Ex. Kieran becomes available to the player when they reach the 15th day of Spring in Year 1.)

Each season has a small set of Seasonal Quests which repeat every year and offer the same reward. They are the only quests with any kind of time limit. They expire on Day 1 of the following season if not completed, at which point the quest is removed from the active quest log. There is no penalty or failure status for not completing seasonal quests.


Events: The Spring Festival is from Spring 15 to Spring 30.
NPCs: Ester
Quests: Weeds for Rocks, Bright Spring Dyes, Wood Worries, Springing Problem
Plants: Spring and Summer share the same variety of plants, with the exception of wild fruit trees. Lemon Trees are available in the Spring, and Cherry Trees in Summer.
Lemon Tree Mature.png Hydrangea.pngBlue Flower.pngCabbage.pngCarrot.pngDandelion.pngPink Leaf.pngPurple Bell.png
Purple Flower.pngPurple Daisy.pngRed Daisy.pngStrawberry.pngTall White Flower.pngWhite Flower Bush.pngYellow Flower Bush.png


Events: The Summer Festival is available for the whole month.
NPCs: Sunny and Jack Uzzi
Quests: Boards for Glass, Double the Trade, Great Geode Trade, Eggs for Milk, Bunny for Lemons
Plants: Spring and Summer share the same variety of plants, with the exception of wild fruit trees.
Cherry Tree Mature.png


Events: Halloween Island is available for the whole month.
NPCs: Jack, Jonas, Cyrus, Kojo
Quests: Halloween Island Quests, Feast for the Miners, Sunflower Trade, Sunflower Max Trade, Fish for Food, Shrooms for Books
Plants: Pumpkins and Sunflowers will only be obtainable through planting in the first year.
Apple Tree Mature.png Bell Pepper.pngCorn.pngEggplant.pngLavender.pngOrange Daisy.pngPotato.pngPumpkin.png
Purple Leaf.pngRed Cosmos.pngRed Hydrangea.pngRed Mushroom.pngRed Tulip.pngSunflower.pngTomato.png


Events: The Winter Festival and Winter Island are available for the whole month.
NPCs: Dasher and Rudolph
Quests: Start of Winter, Pink Penguin, Honey for Dough, Double the Dough, Warm Winter, Warmer Winter, Winter Flower Trade, Winter Pies, Winter Storage, End of Winter
Plants: All non-Winter plants take one additional day to grow during Winter.
Orange Tree Mature.png Blue Cosmos.pngBlue Daisy.pngBlue Leaf.pngBlue Mushroom.pngBlue Tulip.pngFrost Lavender.pngIceberg Lettuce.png
Poinsettia.pngRadish.pngSnow Peas.pngSnowdrop.pngWhite Hydrangea.pngYam.png

Wheat and Daisy are available in Florens all year.


The weather varies day to day, and types of weather (like snow) depend on the current season.

  • If the player wakes up to rain, they do not need to water their crops that day.
  • Light snow falls throughout the whole month of Winter.
  • Snow does not water crops like rain, so they must be watered every day.
  • There is a 1% chance each day for a rainbow to appear in the sky over Mr. Jones's farm. It lasts the entire day (6:20 in the morning until 6:20 the next morning), and can appear in any weather during any season.
  • Weather effects (rain, snow) can be turned off in Settings through the Paws Menu, but the sky will remain overcast.

Manipulating Time[]

Some activities cause the in-game time to pause in Single Player mode. These include:

  • Opening your inventory.
  • Opening a storage container.
  • Having a dialog with an NPC.
  • Opening crafting windows.
    Note: this is not universal--the use of the oven or stove inconsistently pauses the clock. It may also pause for a period and then begin ticking again. (This is probably a bug.)
  • Entering Screenshot Mode via F11 in single player (also in F10 mode if time is paused in the F9 menu).
  • Using the Hourglass in Creative Mode.