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Town Buildings are a key feature of Garden Paws.

Players are given the opportunity to help the people of the Town of Florens grow and expand the town by funding new buildings and services. With each new investment, new NPCs move to the town, who in turn help the player by providing new quests, items, crating recipes, or other benefits.

Buildings can be funded by purchasing "upgrades" at a special Upgrade Table next to Frank, the town's contractor. Purchased upgrades take effect the following day. Many of the buildings and services can also be upgraded, unlocking new quests, stat bonuses, resources, or even areas of the map.

While most Town Buildings can be purchased, there are some that are only unlocked through player progression, or by completing certain Quests.

Town Upgrades[]

Upgrade Table[]

Below are all the upgrades for the town the player can eventually purchase from the Upgrade Table. For more in-depth information regarding prices and what NPCs or quests may be involved, see the Upgrade Table page.


Below are town upgrades that become available through player progression and completion of quests: