The Town of Florens is located on the south-western part of the Main Island. The region is mostly flat, with some pronounced hills nearer to the town. Many buildings in the town area are homes and shops belonging to the residents of the island.

While this region is the most inhabited region in the game, there is a strict no-build zone that prevents the player from placing anything in the vicinity[1]. It is possible however, to place items outside the zone and use the Item Shifter to move them into the town.


The region is mostly occupied by the residents of the town, as well as some farm animals:



Town Of Florens

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The region has a few notable places of interest:

  • Town Mine (C1)
  • Town Cave (C2)
  • The town pier (behind Captain Conrad), where the player can take a ferry to different islands depending on the time of year
  • There are 3 cabins in the northern area of the island that can be purchased as separate houses for Coin Icon 5,000 each, useful for friends in multiplayer, or as secondary houses in singleplayer


Chests can be found in the region:

  • On the wooden walkway next to Malu
  • Inside a rock near Abby
  • Inside the Town Mine at the end of the rails
  • On top of the Town Mine on a ledge overlooking the town
  • Inside the Town Cave at the back
  • On top of the Town Cave behind a bush
  • On the hill at the northern tip of the region, next to a tree
  • Behind a ridge on the eastern part of the region (shaped like a "C" on the map)


  1. The no-build restriction is lifted once the player purchases the Castle from the Upgrade Table.
  2. Sunny, Jack Uzzi, and Ester are found in the same location as Rudolph and Dasher, just in different seasons.
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