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The Main Island of Florens is home to many locals. These NPCs (Non Player Characters) are the main source of quests and progression through the game. They might offer tips and advice, reward the player with items, or teach new blueprints or recipes.

Helping residents allows the town to expand and reach its full potential, unlocking more rewards, characters, questlines, and even new maps to visit.

Since the Classic Map and River Map are basically the same "Florens" starting area with different topography, some townsfolk have very different locations depending on the map you choose to play on. Their questlines and story triggers are still the same, however. See individual maps for details.



Characters who are already on the island once the player starts a new game.


Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.


Townsfolk found below are those who become available though the player's progression. This can be through purchasing facility upgrades (through the Upgrade Table) or completing questlines.

Outer Islands[]

These characters are available at the start of a new game, but reside on Outer Islands that can only be reached when the player has a means of crossing bodies of water.

*Note: Pamela's tree stump on the River Map is very close to the Player Home and much easier to access, but for new players on the Classic Map the location is still a minor spoiler.


Characters who only visit the town during certain seasons.