Town Of Florens
The Main Island, where the player first starts, is filled with many different locals. While progressing through the game, the player is slowly introduced to these folks. The townsfolk help the player in many different ways, from offering tips and advice to a wide variety of buildings. In the midst of doing so, the player, along with the townsfolk, welcome in many new opportunities and goals. Strengthening the relationship with locals not only helps the player, but also helps the town of Florens to expand and reach its full potential.



Townsfolk found below are those who are already on the island once the player starts a new game.

Newcomers Edit

Townsfolk found below are those who become available though the player's progression. This can be through things such as purchasing facility upgrades (through the Upgrade Table), or through certain quest lines.

Seasonal Edit

Townsfolk found below are those who are available in certain seasons only.