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The Tractor is a vehicle the player can mount and drive around in. It is an item version of the one used in the Summer Festival minigame, but controls are the same.


A Tractor can be purchased during the Summer Festival for Ticket Summer.png500 Summer Tickets.


To mount the Tractor, place the item in your hotbar and scroll over to it. The character will automatically get on the Tractor and remain inside as long as that hotbar slot is selected.

To dismount, select another hotbar slot or move the Tractor item to the main Inventory.


The Tractor uses "tank controls", meaning the key or button to press to move forward changes depending on where the vehicle is facing, not the camera. The camera remains static - it does not turn with the character the way it usually does, but must be controlled with the mouse. 

  • W and S move the Tractor forward or back, relative to the front of the vehicle
  • A and D to rotate in place (not move left/right)
  • Drag Right Click to rotate the camera

More specifically:

  • When the tractor is facing away from you, W moves it away from you, S moves it toward you.
  • When the tractor is facing you, W moves it toward you, S moves it away from you.
  • When the tractor is facing right, W moves it right, S moves it left.
  • When the tractor is facing left, W moves it left, S moves it right.
  • A rotates the tractor counter-clockwise, D rotates the tractor clockwise. This stays the same regardless of which way it is facing.

The A/D rotation may be the most confusing part, because visually the left/right directions seem to switch sides. But it helps to remember that they only affect rotation, not movement.

The controls are incredibly awkward to get the hang of, and the tractor moves very slowly. So unless you prefer the challenge, it is more useful as a decoration in a display case than as a mount to actually get around.

For a more usable mount that uses the same control scheme, see Kart.