Treasure Map is a special item that can be activated to lead the player to a buried treasure.

It is crafted from 6x Treasure Map Fragment at a Cartography Table.

Use[edit | edit source]

A newly crafted Treasure Map looks looks like a typical colored treasure map with a compass.[1]

Holding it in the hotbar and pressing E will activate the map, alerting the player that treasure can be found somewhere.

An activated/used map is sepia-colored.

Finding Treasure[edit | edit source]

Fireflies and a gold X mark the spot

Holding an active map in the hotbar and pressing E will cause a glowing line to stretch out from the player in the direction or the treasure, which is marked by a gold "X" on the ground with fireflies above it.

The line can be activated as many times as needed until the treasure is found.

Treasure can be dug up using a Shovel.[2]

A map only needs to be activated the first time (so it turns brown) to spawn the "X" somewhere in the world. The gold tracking trail is not required. Once a map is opened, even if it is put away in a chest or sold, the X will still be in the world to find.

Once a treasure is found, the particular map leading to it is no longer usable. Trying to activate it again will show the text "All the known treasures have already been found."

Used maps can be recycled into Paper using the Cartography Table.

Treasure Items[edit | edit source]

Below are other possible items that can be dug up. Some are much rarer than others. The most common treasure by far is a Golden Coin:

It is also possible to dig up clothing or furniture items, including more basic ones such as Light Wood Desk.

Opening Multiple Maps[edit | edit source]

Currently there is no visual difference between an "active" used map (treasure spawned, but has not been dug up yet) and a "completed" used map (treasure was dug up). Both are labeled "Used Map" and remain sepia-colored.

Questmark New.png Performance Issue Warning[edit | edit source]

Multiple map trails (not advised)

If more than one map is opened before their treasures are found, activating any one of the open maps will show gold trails for all current treasures.

This can cause serious performance issues on laptops and slower computers, due to the gold trails creating simultaneous particle effects. It is not recommended to open more than 1 or 2 at a time on low-end computers.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Originally the new map looked like a rolled-up scroll. Activating it turned it into the colored version of the map.
    Treasure Map Unopened.png
  2. The Shovel cannot be used to dig up treasure if the player is on a mount. The dig text prompt will show, but the digging animation will only start once the animal is dismounted.
    If the player starts digging while on a mount then moves to another location before dismounting, once on the ground their character will dig up the treasure wherever they happen to be standing.
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