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Twitch Integration is a feature that lets Twitch Streamers engage with viewers in the game.

In addition to on-screen hype (see below), anyone who types a message in your stream chat in the previous 6 minutes has a chance to show up with their username over a random customer in your shop, or as a patron inside the Inn. Those viewers can then type certain commands into chat to affect "their" character while on screen.

Connecting to Twitch[]

1. Make sure the Stream is live.
2. Exit to the Paws Menu.
3. Click the "Twitch Integration" button.
4. Enter in your Twitch Channel name, and click "Connect".
5. Select your preferred settings:
6. Close the menu and continue playing.


Twitch Options.png
  • Chat In The Corner: Creates a chat window in the upper left of the screen which allows you to see the past 15 lines of messages from your Twitch chat.
  • Viewers on Bottom of Screen: Toggle to allow 3D avatars of viewers to run around at the bottom of the screen. They can be customized with keywords.
  • Emotes Above Customers: Viewers who appear as customers in the shop or Inn can make their named characters use different Emotes by typing certain keywords.
  • Accept Chat Effects from Viewers: Viewers can make the streamer's character do certain actions by typing keywords.
  • Name Wild Animals after Viewers Untamed animals will have random viewers' names above them.

Integration settings can be adjusted or disconnected at any time.


Viewer Avatars[]

If "Viewers on Bottom of Screen" is enabled, viewers who have typed in chat within the past 10 minutes will appear as 3D characters at the bottom of the screen, which will walk back and forth, sit, and do other actions at random.

The following keywords can be used by viewers to customize the avatar bearing their username:

  • "fox / bunny / cat / dog / bear / dragon / chipmunk / badger / horse / bird": will change the animal base of their avatar. Skins are chosen at random, but the same word can be used multiple times to try and get a favorite.
  • "face": will change only the face of the avatar.
  • "save": will save the animal/skin/face configuration for the viewer's avatar on that particular streamer's computer. If the next stream on the same channel is done by someone on a different computer, the avatar will be a new one and must be customized again. If it is the same computer, it will automatically use the previously saved one.
  • "load": will bring back the last avatar that the viewer typed "save" for. This is useful if they wish to revert after making a few changes, or changing their shop/inn character (see below).

Chat Effects[]

If "Accept Chat Effects" is enabled, viewers can type keywords to make the streamer's in-game character perform certain actions while they are playing.

  • "hype": will throw out a burst of confetti, similar to the Confetti Cannon.
  • "love": will spray out a shower of hearts.
  • "soapy / clean": will produce soap bubbles, similar to the Soap Bottle.

They are only visual effects, and do not interfere with the streamer's playing.

Customers and Inn Patrons[]

Whenever the streamer opens their shop to sell items or enters the Inn, viewers who have sent a message in Twitch Chat in the past 6 minutes will have their screen names appear above random customers or Inn patrons.

Viewers can change their character's animal base and skin by typing the same keywords as for their 3D avatars. However the keywords will also change their avatars at the bottom of the screen (which is where the "save/load" commands can come in useful).

If "Emotes Above Customers" is enabled, viewers can also type the following keywords to make their in-game character do certain actions while on screen: "dance / jump / fart / dab / confetti". These commands will not effect the avatars at the bottom of the screen, only the in-game ones.