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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.

Unicorn is a rare Legendary Mount that spawns when there is a rainbow in the sky.


A Unicorn will only begin to spawn in the world after at least one achievement has been unlocked. This will happen through natural progression, but can be easily reached by collecting 100x Poop.

After that, there will be a chance for a Unicorn to spawn each morning. The player will know a Unicorn has spawned by a rainbow in the sky, which lasts from 6:20 am that day until 6:20 am the next day.

About Rainbows[]

  • There is a 1% chance for a rainbow to spawn every morning. It is applied to each day individually, so not having a Unicorn spawn for 99 days in a row does not mean it will spawn on day 100.
  • There is no way to force a rainbow to spawn. It is purely based on RNG. If you are lucky you can get 2 consecutive days of rainbows. But you might also go for years in game without one.
  • A rainbow can appear in any weather, including cloudy and rainy days.
  • Reloading a day that previously had a rainbow will not guarantee the rainbow will be there again.
  • If graphics settings are set to low, the rainbow will still appear but may be more difficult to spot.


The Unicorn spawns on the Outer Islands, but there is no specific location. It is random each time.

Finding the Unicorn[]

An easy way to search for the Unicorn without wasting precious in-game hours is to use the Drone Camera:

  1. Press F11 to stop time and enter Drone Camera mode
  2. Use WASD to move the camera wherever you want. There are no limitations to where the camera can go, even clipping into objects or buildings
  3. Search for the Unicorn at your leisure
  • Note: If the screen looks blurry when you are facing certain directions, you can turn this off by pressing F9 and disabling "Depth of Field".


Feeding a Unicorn one Legendary Feed will instantly tame it. But you still need to lead it to a Stable (bring the stable with you when you tame it), where it can be named. Naming it will complete the taming process.


The Unicorn can be dyed at a Dyeing Station, but only its horn will change color.

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