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The Upgrade Table is available from the very beginning of a newly created world. It is used to purchase upgrades and new buildings for the player's home farm, as well as unlock various facilities and shops to expand the Town of Florens and bring in new NPCs.

The Upgrade Table is a core mechanic of the game, and necessary to progress through storyline and NPC quests.

Changes to the Main Island[]

As players purchase town-specific upgrades to improve and grow the Town of Florens, changes will happen across the Main Island. Among them, a greater variety and frequency of plant types will begin spawning in the world. If no upgrades are purchased as the game changes seasons, the player may not be able to complete certain key quests which require particular flowers or crops, or access to certain areas.

Other Upgrades[]

Some upgrades are not directly available through the Upgrade Table. These include purchasing access to Caves, tool and backpack upgrades, the initial quests to build the Barn, Miner's Contracts, and the Fish Delivery service.

Upgrade Table[]

The following upgrades are available for purchase immediately:

Default Upgrades[]

Item Name Buy Price Changes / Location NPC Added
Chicken Coop.png Chicken Coop Coin Icon.png 800 3 coop slots
Shop 2.png Shop 2 Coin Icon.png 500 +1 table, +5 Energy
+5 Inventory
Miners Camp.png Miner's Camp Coin Icon.png 3,000 Hill next to Frank John Stone, Steven
Blacksmith.png Blacksmith Coin Icon.png 2,500 Near Mayor Beltran
Wheat Farmer.png Wheat Farmer Coin Icon.png 10,000 Near town pond/smaller cave Miller
Flower Shop.png Flower Shop Coin Icon.png 8,000 Across from Mayor Elizabeth
Costume Shop.png Costume Shop Coin Icon.png 5,000 Between Jenna and Boris Clovis
Bakery.png Bakery Coin Icon.png 6,000 Between Jenna and pond James
Fisherman.png Fisherman Coin Icon.png 9,000 Town pond pier McCoy
Appearance Shop.png Appearance Shop Coin Icon.png 5,000 Between Jenna and Boris Splash
Home Upgrade.png Living Room Upgrade Coin Icon.png 50,000 +5 Energy
+5 Inventory
Inn.png Inn Coin Icon.png 20,000 East of the Festival area Sadie, Guppy
Furniture Blueprint Seller.png Blueprint Vendor Coin Icon.png 12,500 Between Jenna and Boris Roman

Face Spirals.png

Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.

Further Upgrades[]

Some upgrades require triggers before they show up in the Upgrade Table, such as talking to a particular NPC. One example is the Assistant Upgrade, which does not appear until the player speaks to the Assistant (near Jenna in the town) and completes the Need some help? quest.

Other upgrades have multiple phases which only unlock once the previous upgrade has been purchased and built.

The following upgrades are not available from the beginning of the game, but unlock as the player progresses:

Item Name Buy Price Additions Unlock Requirements
Assistant Upgrade.png Assistant Upgrade Coin Icon.png 10,000 Sign behind register Need some help?
Shop 3.png Shop 3 Coin Icon.png 5,000 +1 table, +5 Energy Shop 2
Shop 4.png Shop 4 Coin Icon.png 20,000 +1 table, +5 Energy Shop 3
Shop 5.png Shop 5 Coin Icon.png 50,000 +2 tables Shop 4
Sell Price Book.png Sell Price Book Coin Icon.png 5,000 Shop tables show prices Shop 3
Discount Bin.png Discount Bin Coin Icon.png 1,000 Bin added behind shop register
Items sell for 50% sale price
Shop 4
Discount Bin Upgrade.png Discount Bin 2 Coin Icon.png 2,000 Items sell for 55% sale price Discount Bin
Discount Bin Upgrade.png Discount Bin 3 Coin Icon.png 4,000 Items sell for 60% sale price Discount Bin 2
Discount Bin Upgrade.png Discount Bin 4 Coin Icon.png 6,000 Items sell for 65% sale price Discount Bin 3
Discount Bin Upgrade.png Discount Bin 5 Coin Icon.png 8,000 Items sell for 70% sale price Discount Bin 4
Home Upgrade.png Bedroom Upgrade Coin Icon.png 100,000 +10 Energy Living Room Upgrade
Home Upgrade.png Kitchen Upgrade Coin Icon.png 125,000 +10 Energy Living Room Upgrade
Home Upgrade.png Great Room Upgrade Coin Icon.png 150,000 +10 Energy Kitchen Upgrade
Barn 2.png Barn 2 Coin Icon.png 25,000 +3 slots, +5 Energy Building the Barn
(After Jacob moves to town)
Barn 3.png Barn 3 Coin Icon.png 30,000 +3 slots, +5 Energy Barn 2
Chicken Coop Upgrade 1.png Large Coop Coin Icon.png 4,000 +3 slots, +5 Energy Chicken Coop
Chicken Coop Upgrade 2.png Larger Coop Coin Icon.png 10,000 +3 slots Large Coop
Duck Pond.png Duck Pond Coin Icon.png 2,500 Adds pond near player's home
3 slots
Duck Habitat Resources
Duck Pond.png Duck Pond 2 Coin Icon.png 5,000 +3 slots Duck Pond
Animal Shop.png Animal Shop Coin Icon.png 10,000 Poppy moves to the Main Island More Paws in Town
Stable.png Stable Coin Icon.png 25,000 2 slots Poppy, How to build a Stable.
Tree Farm Upgrade.png Tree Farm Coin Icon.png 60,000 Adds Tree Farm to
northern Forest Region
Generous Leaf
Fruit Tree Shop.png Fruit Tree Shop Coin Icon.png 20,000 Adds Fruit Tree Shop
to Bruce's Tree Farm
Fruit Trees!
Upgrade Sierra Shop.png Upgrade Sierra's Shop Coin Icon.png 20,000 Sierra sells new items
Daily delivery of 50 Plant Fiber
Planter Partners
Upgrade Sierra Shop.png Increase Daily Plant Fiber Coin Icon.png 50,000 Daily delivery of 200 Plant Fiber Upgrade Sierra's Shop
Pirate House.png Pirate House Coin Icon.png 7,500 Adds Pirate House between
Captain Conrad and Fish Shop
Doubloons for the House
Ship Upgrade.png Ship Upgrade Coin Icon.png 250,000 Allows access to Kozita Building A Ship: Bow
Castle.png Small Castle Coin Icon.png1,000,000 Castle as a second home, player can build in town All town upgrades bought, all gold tools crafted


For veteran players, the following upgrades can all be purchased on Day 1 of a new world:

In total, the player would need Coin Icon.png632,300.

  • Sierra will appear on the dock behind Captain Conrad as soon as the Inn is purchased, but she will not have any quests until Spring 25 Year 2.