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Keyboard, game controller, and Nintendo Switch controls.

Note: Controller button mapping can vary, but the chart below assumes Xbox controls.

Movement & Actions[]

Action Keyboard Controller Switch
Movement Keyboard W.pngKeyboard A.pngKeyboard S.pngKeyboard D.png
Keyboard Arrow Up.pngKeyboard Arrow Left.pngKeyboard Arrow Down.pngKeyboard Arrow Right.png
Xbox LStick.png Switch Left Stick.png
Run Keyboard Shift.png Xbox LTrigger.png Switch LT.png
Toggle Autorun Keyboard R.png Xbox Dpad U.png Switch Right Stick.png
Jump Keyboard Space.png Xbox B.png Switch B.png
Deploy Glider Keyboard Space.png + Keyboard Space.png Xbox B.png + Xbox B.png Switch B.png + Switch B.png
Jump and auto-deploy glider Keyboard U.png
Select/Continue Mouse LClick.png Xbox X.png Switch A.png
Continue / Use / Harvest
Pet or Feed Animals
Mount an animal in the pet slot
Keyboard E.png Xbox X.png Switch A.png
Decline/Dismount/Tell animal to stay Keyboard F.png Xbox A.png Switch X.png
Attack / Swing Tool / Shoot Wand Mouse LClick.png Xbox RTrigger.png Switch ZR.png
Dodge Mouse RClick.png Xbox LTrigger.png Switch ZL.png


Action Keyboard Controller Switch
Open Paws Menu Keyboard Esc.png Xbox Start.png Switch Plus.png
Map Keyboard M.png Xbox Y.png + Xbox RShoulder.png Switch Dpad Up.png
Quest Log Keyboard L.png Xbox Y.png + Xbox RShoulder.png Switch Dpad Right.png
Quick Crafting Menu Keyboard T.png Xbox Y.png + Xbox RShoulder.png Switch Dpad Left.png

Inventory Management[]

Action Keyboard Controller Switch
Scroll through hotbar Mouse Scroll.png Xbox LShoulder.png Xbox RShoulder.png Switch LB-W.png Switch RB-W.png
Open inventory Keyboard I.png Xbox Y.png Switch Y.png
Split stack in half Keyboard Shift.png + Drag Controller & Switch:
1. Select item, press Xbox X.png/Switch A.png
2. Select "Split", press Xbox X.png/Switch A.png
3. Move the slider, press Xbox X.png/Switch A.png
Pull 1 item from stack Keyboard Ctrl.png + Drag
Swap a single item or stack between inventories
(Requires empty slot in target inventory)
Mouse RClick.png Xbox RTrigger.png Switch ZR.png
Auto Deposit while standing next to chest Keyboard F.png Xbox A.png Switch X.png
Auto Deposit with open inventories (Move everything that fits from Inventory to chest) Mouse LClick.png
Blue arrows between windows
Xbox LTrigger.png Switch ZL.png

Build Mode[]

Action Keyboard Controller Switch
Place item in build mode
Remove item with Hammer
Nudge or rotate item with Item Shifter
Keyboard E.png Xbox X.png Switch A.png
Rotate item in build mode Mouse Scroll.png Xbox Dpad L.png Switch Dpad Left.png
Exit build mode
Open selector menu while using Item Shifter
Keyboard Space.png Xbox A.png Switch B.png
Open Hammer selector menu
Nudge/rotate with Item Shifter
Keyboard F.png Xbox B.png Switch X.png
Cycle Paintbrush designs (Must be holding paintbrush)
Cycle Item Shifter directional mode
Keyboard R.png Missing.png Missing.png
Temporarily toggle Grid Placement while placing item
(Hold to toggle the opposite of what it's set to in settings)
Hold Keyboard Alt.png Missing.png Missing.png


Action Keyboard Controller Switch
Rotate camera Mouse RClick.png + Drag Xbox RStick.png Switch Right Stick.png
Screenshot Mode/Drone Camera Keyboard F10.png Xbox Back.png Switch Minus.png
Drone Camera with time paused
(Single player only)
Keyboard F11.png Time can be toggled in settings
Change screenshot/Camera settings Keyboard F9.png Xbox LTrigger.png Switch ZL.png
Take screenshot Keyboard F12.png / Keyboard F8.png Missing.png Switch Square.png

Creative Mode[]

Action Keyboard Controller Switch
Stop/Start time using Hourglass in Creative Mode Keyboard R.png Missing.png Missing.png
Move time backward using Hourglass Keyboard F.png Missing.png Missing.png
Move time forward using Hourglass Keyboard E.png Missing.png Missing.png


Action Keyboard Controller Switch
Hold to open Emote Ring Keyboard Z.png Xbox RTrigger.png Switch RT.png
Fart (Small chance to drop Poop) Keyboard Greater.png
Surprise Keyboard O.png
Dab Keyboard J.png
Dance Keyboard K.png
Pout (Emote Ring only)
Wave (Emote Ring only)
Sit Keyboard C.png
Facepaw Keyboard G.png