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The Winter Festival begins on the 1st day of Winter every year and continues until the 30th day of Winter. The southwestern part of the Town of Florens region becomes a Christmas-themed area. Dasher and Rudolph are available for the duration of the festival.

Winter Island[]

During the Winter Festival, the player can travel Winter Island from the ferry on the dock behind Captain Conrad.

Winter Island contains the same holiday NPCs and Memory minigame as the festival in town, with the addition of a Snowman Fight arena game.


Winter Ticket

The Winter Festival offers one minigame on the Main Island: tile matching. Winning grants the player Winter Tickets, which can be exchanged for various prizes.

Winter Memory Game.png

Memory Game[]

Memory Game.png

The tiled Memory Game is a pair matching game, and a fan favorite. It is the simplest of the festival games with the highest potential payoff, but also the most risky. 

How To Play[]

The player is given 6 chances to match 2 tiles in a 4x5 grid. Each uncovered tile shows an image of an item, and the player must find the tile with the matching image. Successful matches reward the player with the item displayed, in addition to Winter Tickets.


Prizes for this event vary greatly in both type and value, and can include things like Furniture Items, storage items, clothing, candles, baby animals, and much more. Even rarer items can show up, including blueprint-locked furniture, Dungeon loot, or workstations the player has not officially unlocked yet. If the player has enough coin to throw around, the many items they will receive will very likely be worth the expense.


Since this game relies on memory more than strategy, it can help to be methodical: Move up or down rows or columns in order, in order to remember which tiles were checked. Random tile selection does not increase odds of winning, because it is just as likely for 2 adjacent tiles to match as it is for tiles on opposite sides of the grid.

There is no time limit for this game, so feel free to write down notes if needed. The tiles are marked with numbers and letters, which makes that strategy easier (though a bit cheaty).

  • An unfinished Tile Matching game can be continued at any point until the day ends, at which point it will reset.

This game is Coin Icon.png1,000 per play.

Winter Ticket Stalls[]

The player can trade the Winter Tickets they win for prizes. Below are all available stalls where the player can exchange Summer Tickets for Mystery Gift Boxes.

Stall Crate Items Price
Winter Large Deco Crate.png Winter Tree.pngWinter Tree Decorated.pngCandy Cane Fence.pngSled.pngSleigh.png 75xTicket Winter.png
Winter Small Deco Crate.png Teddybear.pngWreathe Decoration.pngStocking Decoration.pngGingerbread Cookie.pngSnowflake Decoration.pngCandy Cane Decoration.png 50xTicket Winter.png
Winter Gift Box Crate.png Holly Gift Box.pngWhite Gift Box.pngBlue Gift Box.pngRed Gift Box.png 25xTicket Winter.png
Winter Furniture Deco Crate.png Ice Shelf Winter.pngIce Standing Shelf Winter.pngIce Chair Winter.pngIce Stool Winter.pngIce Table Winter.png 100xTicket Winter.png
Dasher.png Santa Hat.pngWhite Beard.pngSanta Sweater.pngSanta Beard Sweater.pngCandyCaneSweater.pngXmas Sweater.pngTreeGiftsSweater.pngHoliday Sweater.pngRed Holiday Sweater.pngBlack Holiday Sweater.pngBlue Holiday Sweater.pngSnow Sweater.pngSnowman Sweater.pngSnow Skirt.pngSanta Skirt.pngSanta Skirt with Lights.pngMistletoe Skirt.png Coin Icon.pngVaries
Rudolph.png Frosty Skin.pngStained Glass Skin.pngPink Stained Glass Skin.pngGingerbread Skin.png Coin Icon.pngVaries

Items are chosen randomly according to type when a Mystery Box is opened. The items displayed at the stall as well as the icons that appear over the display stand show the range of items the player might expect to receive upon opening the box.


The items in these stalls cost regular coins, and prices vary depending on the item.

Dasher's Shop[]

Winter and holiday-themed clothes can be purchased directly from Dasher. There are 2 random items at the stall every day.

Rudolph's Shop[]

Winter-themed skins can be purchased directly from Rudolph. There are 3 random skins at the stall every day.