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Wooden Bucket is a tool the player can use to get milk from Cows and Goats.


To unlock the blueprint for crafting the Wooden Bucket, you must complete the quest "Milking Cows".

The recipe can then be found in the Quick Crafting Menu.


In order to use a Wooden Bucket, the player must first have a completed Barn on their farm with at least one adult Cow or Goat inside.

With the Wooden Bucket in the active hotbar slot, walk up to a Cow or Goat. The prompt "Milk Cow" or "Milk Goat" will appear. Press "E" to receive 1x Cow Milk or 1x Goat Milk respectively. Animals can be milked once per day.

Use in Crafting[]

A Wooden Bucket is required to craft the Water Bucket.