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Wooden Mannequin is a storage container with 4 slots that can be used to display clothing.

Items placed inside will appear in the world on the Wooden Mannequin full-sized as if worn by a player.


The player must complete Malu's quest "Broken Desk" to receive the blueprint.

The quest is part of Boris' and Malu's storage questline, beginning with "New Backpacks!". It will not be available before Summer 12, Year 1.


Once the blueprint is obtained, Wooden Mannequins can be crafted on a Workbench.

It is possible to win one in a Summer or Winter Festival game before the blueprint quest is completed.


The UI for the Wooden Mannequin has 4 single-item slots, each for a different type of clothing item: Head, Face, Tops, and Bottoms.

It cannot be used to display accessory items. For that, see Small Wall Display.