A Workbench is a furniture item that can be interacted with to craft more complex items than in the Quick Crafting Menu.


Can be used for crafting a variety of items. This can range from something as simple as torches, to a bouncy trampoline. A unique element of the workbench is the building items that are in it, which can be used by the player to create their own structures.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Not all recipes will be immediately available to the player when starting a new character or world. Some recipes are quest-locked, some require the purchase of Blueprints from Roman, and some recipes are rewards for completing collections in the Museum (and therefore only accessible after the Wanderer has moved to town).

Below are crafting recipes that can be accessed when using the Workbench.

Default RecipesEdit

Recipes Unlocked via QuestsEdit

Blueprint Vendor RecipesEdit

Museum Collection Reward RecipesEdit

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