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The Workbench is a furniture item that can be interacted with to craft more complex items than in the Quick Crafting Menu.


Not all recipes will be immediately available to the player when starting a new character or world. Some are quest-locked, some require the purchase of Blueprints from Roman, and some are rewards for completing Museum collections.

Default Blueprints[]

Crafting blueprints that can be accessed from the start of a new game:

Unlocked via Quests[]

Blueprints only available after completing quests or tasks for NPCs:

Blueprint Vendor Recipes[]

Blueprints that must be purchased from Roman:

Museum Reward Blueprints[]

Blueprints only received after completing a collection for the Museum:

Alphabet WorkbenchAnimal Shop WorkbenchAnvilBirch Wood WorkbenchBlack Galaxy WorkbenchBlue Galaxy WorkbenchCampfire GrillCandle WorkstationChurnClothing WorkbenchColourful Splatter WorkbenchCooking StationCrystal Furniture WorkbenchCrystal Garden WorkbenchDecoration StationDungeon WorkbenchDyeing StationFancy Stone WorkbenchFish Drying RackFlower WorkbenchFruit Tree SeedmakerGeode ProcessorHeverli WorkbenchJewellery WorkbenchModern Black WorkbenchMysterious Potion DeskPaint StationPink Galaxy WorkbenchRainbow Paw WorkbenchR.A.M. Plant Fiber PrinterR.A.M. Stone PrinterR.A.M. Wood PrinterSeed Bundle StationSeedmakerStardusterStone FurnaceStone OvenStorage WorkbenchSuper Bouquet SeedmakerSuperior FurnaceSushi StationTreat StationWooden Furniture WorkbenchWorkbench