Can be used for crafting a variety of items. This can range from something as simple as torches, to a bouncy trampoline. A unique element of the workbench is the building items that are in it, which can be used by the player to create their own structures.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Below are crafting recipes that can be accessed when using the Workbench. Not all recipes will be immediately available to the player, as recipes can be quest locked and require Blueprints.

Wooden Pole Wooden Board Wooden Block Large Wooden Board Stone Block Workbench WoodFurniture Storage workbench Clothing Workbench Missing Paint Station Missing Missing Missing Wooden Planter Missing Missing Stone Planter Missing Churn Wooden Foundation Missing Missing Wooden Ramp Plaster Wall Missing Missing Plaster Wall Window Wooden Pillar Plaster Wall Door Copper Sprinkler Silver Sprinkler Gold Sprinkler Compost Bin Fire Pit Well Wooden Crate Wooden Mannequin Small Wall Display Stone Stairs Stone Display Stand Trampoline Wooden Platform Wooden Fence Crystal Garden Workbench BedSingleLight Missing CatHabitat RabbitHabitat Drying Table Missing Dog House Dung Beetle Habitat Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Stone Furnace Anvil Grill Campfire Grill Stone Oven Fallen Star Fallen Star Light Starduster Small Marble Display Medium Marble Display Large Marble Display Missing

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